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With rare talent flooding PUBG Mobile Esports, the scene is bursting with skill and aptitude. It was made possible because Tencent has invested a lot of effort into building one of the best esports ecosystems.

With the game truly being one of the most global games out there, there are millions of active players. Even with such massive numbers, some players stand out due to their achievements. Here’s a look at the top performers from last year who will try to stand out once again.

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Top 10 players to watch out for PUBG Mobile Esports in 2022

10) Frozen

The captain of Kaos Next Ruya, Frozen, aka Ahmet Erdem Erdoğdu, has been one of the best players in Turkey. He took his team to the top spot in PMGC 2021 West and did well in the PMGC finals. He was also on the top fraggers list for the finals.

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9) Suk

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One of the most popular players on the circuit, Suk, has shown his skills in various tournaments. Earlier, he played for Four Angry Men (4AM) but is now representing The Chosen (TC). Suk took the MVP and Gunslinger titles in PMGC 2020 and was also named MVP in PEL 2021 Season 4.

8) Koops

Joshua Estrada, aks Koops, is an athlete who represents team Knights. The team won the first season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Americas Championship, where Koops was named MVP. He was also named MVP in the PMPL: NA Season 2 finals, where his team secured second place. He was a ten-time MVP in the PMGC 2021 League West. However, Knight did not make it to the PMGC Finals as they finished 7th place.

7) Jonathan

Jonathan has been deemed the best player not only in India but the entire South Asian region. He has proven himself at every other tournament. His two-finger jiggle-style gameplay is very popular among fans. However, GodLike Esports had an average run in the PMGC Finals. The team has earned more than $135K from BGMI/PUBG Mobile tournaments since the launch of BGMI.

6) Carrilho

One of the most successful PUBG Mobile players in the western region, Carrilho hails from Brazil. He currently plays for Alpha7 Esports and has won more than 10 MVP awards in his career. He, along with his teammates, has won more than 20 tournaments. His ability to play aggressively is the main reason he has more MVP awards than any other player.

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5) Mythic

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Another rising Brazilian star, Mythic, represents Rise Esports. Although Rise Esports failed to qualify for the PMGC Global finals, Mythic bagged two awards for Gunslinger and Grenade Master in the PMGC West League. His team’s first win was the PMCO 2021 Spring Brazil, and they finished second in the Americas Championship Season 2.

4) nOOzy

The Thai player broke out on the scene when he was named MVP of PMPL: Thailand Season 3. Since then, he has won numerous titles, among which MVP in the PMPL: SEA Championship Season 3 has been a major highlight.

3) Top

The Mongolian star plays for Stalwart Esports. He had the most kills in PMGC League East, where his team secured third place. Top was also awarded the MVP title in PMPL: SA Season 4. He, along with his teammates, also clinched the PMCO Wildcard in PMPL SA Season 1.

2) Paraboy

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Paraboy, one of the most celebrated players in the entire PUBG Mobile community, needs no introduction as the esports athlete has dominated the circuit since 2019. With more than 12 MVPs in official tournaments, he has earned more than 1.3 million USD in prize winnings. His team Nova Esports has been crowned champions of PMGC not once but twice. He also won the Esports Mobile Player of the Year award at Esports Awards 2021.

1) Order

Another stalwart of Nova Esports, Order has been in scintillating form. He was named MVP of the PMGC Grand Finals for his 46 kills in just 18 matches. He was also the second-highest fragger of PMGC 2020. He has more than 1200 kills in PEL, a prestigious Game of Peace tournament. He is one of the most loved PUBG Mobile players in the world.

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His team won more than $5 million from PUBG Mobile tournaments, which shows how they dominate the PUBG Mobile Esports scene.

Note: The article reflects the writer’s own views.

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