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Readers have been waiting for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 with bated breath to confirm Kakucho’s fate. The leaks earlier today offer confirmation regarding the same, but it is overshadowed by the surprise appearance of an ally whom everyone has been expecting since the beginning of the final battle. Mikey is also seen in commanding mode, indicating that his duel with Angry has ended.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 spoilers are accompanied by the release date of the second season of the anime. While the news is not yet confirmed, several anime sites have relayed the same information. As many predicted, Draken’s voice actor will change this season.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 and a few panels from the manga.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 spoilers suggest the return of a fan-favorite character, Kakucho’s fate is confirmed

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In the last chapter, Kakucho pushed Takemichi out of the train in an effort to save him. Inspired by a vision of Izana, Kakucho located the brakes and stopped the train. However, the wound he received from Sanzu’s Katana was deeper than it first appeared, and the combined effect of his effort and blood loss cost Kakucho his life. The chapter ended with Takemichi discovering the body of his friend.

As was the case the last two weeks, almost the entire new chapter has been leaked with little to no context. The tentative title of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258, according to the spoilers, is Strange Bedfellows.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 raw scans

The spoilers can be divided into three sections. The first part shows the first page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 where Mikey is looking at someone or something with a deadpan expression. It then transitions to Mikey barking out orders at his Kantou subordinates. This implies that Mikey has won the fight against Angry and is probably looking at the train.

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It is unclear whether Mikey is disappointed that the plan failed or that Sanzu tried it in the first place, but he does not look surprised. This may imply that he was aware of the outcome beforehand, either because he is the second time-leaper or because he was informed by the second time-leaper.

The second part sees Takemichi running to the still form of Kakucho and breaking down in sobs. All accounts confirm that Kakucho is truly dead, which, while not surprising, is saddening nonetheless. Sanzu, meanwhile, takes this opportunity to sneak up on Takemichi with his infamous katana. Mitsuya notices this and tries to warn Takemichi.

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The third part of the raw scans is what has both excited and divided the readers. As Mitsuya tries to warn Takemichi, a lone figure in a Toman uniform rushes through the battlefield on a motorcycle and hits Sanzu, saving Takemichi. This person has dark hair streaked with lighter highlights, which indicates that they are either Kazutora Hanemiya or Taiju Shiba. While fans have been arguing about the person’s true identity, it is likely Taiju considering that Kazutora should still be serving his time in jail.


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The confirmation of Kakucho’s death has given rise to speculations regarding the reactions of the S-62 Generation, specifically the Haitani brothers, to this loss. Mikey defeating Angry, if that is indeed the case, is not unexpected, but the fight being conducted entirely off-screen would be disappointing given that they are two of the best fighters in the series.

Sanzu trying to kill Takemichi is equally unsurprising. While some readers expected Hanma to appear in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258, the raw scans hint at no such development. The identity of the second time-leaper is still unclear, and it could be anyone between Sanzu, Mikey, and Hanma at this point.

It is practically impossible for Takemichi’s savior to be Kazutora given that he should still be incarcerated. However, jailbreak is a possibility to consider, and Kazutora would impact Mikey far more than Taiju plot-wise. The appearance of the eldest Shiba sibling, however, would make logical sense in lieu of his interactions with Mitsuya and Takemichi, and his relationship with his younger brother Hakkai. Hopefully, the official scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 will clearly state whether this new entry is Kazutora, Taiju, or someone else altogether.

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