Tokyo Revengers chapter 235: New release date, where to read

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 was supposed to be released on December 14, but there have been no spoilers or raw scans released as of yet.

On the contrary, many sources have speculated that Weekly Shonen Magazine is set to go on a break this week, and along with it, Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 will also be delayed.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 release time and where to read

Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 was supposed to be released on December 14, December 15 for some regions, on Kodansha’s official website. Usually, by Monday, fans can gain access to raw scans or spoilers from the Tokyo Revengers manga. But this week, no such thing has appeared on any of the online platforms.

Several sources, however, have reported that Weekly Shonen Magazine, where Tokyo Revengers is published, is set to go on a break this week. If that information is true, then Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 will be released on December 21, December 22 for some regions, with spoilers hopefully appearing on December 20.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 will be officially available on Kodansha’s website for a fee, and can be unofficially read for free on various online manga reading platforms.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 recap

In Tokyo Revengers chapter 234, Takemichi blacked out after Mikey continued to punch him. After he woke up in the hospital, Kokonoi Hajime informed Takemichi that Senju saved his life by promising to dissolve Brahman. As a result, the Kanto Manji Gang now rules over the Kanto region.

Later, Matsuno Chifuyu came to visit Takemichi in the hospital, and informed him of Draken’s funeral. Chifuyu, who was angry and confused, lashed out at Takemichi. And even though he apologized, Takemichi accepted the blame for everything. After Chifuyu left in anger, Takemichi resolved to fight alone thereon so that no one else gets involved.

Speculations for Tokyo Revengers chapter 235

After Tokyo Revengers chapter 234, most fans strongly suspect that Takemichi is going to travel to the future once more in Tokyo Revengers chapter 235, and will be faced with a devastating reality. With Mikey being the trigger for his time-travel this time, it is unfathomable how he will manage to get close enough to Mikey to trigger a time jump.

Another popular theory is that Takemichi will locate Senju in Tokyo Revengers chapter 235, or she will locate him, and he learnt to fight from her. This could be possible given that Takemichi has resolved to fight by himself from now on and as such needs to drastically increase his fighting powers.

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But given that Takemichi is feeling guilty and refuses to include anyone in his quest in fear that they will get hurt, it seems very unlikely that he will seek out Senju, who already had to give up so much.

What is almost certain is that there will be a conversation between Hina and Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers chapter 235, and Hina might steer him in a better direction. More information will probably be revealed about Kanto Manji gang and Mikey, and with Draken’s death, Inupi might appear once more in Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 to confront either Kokonoi or Takemichi.

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