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How does a massive collection of free gay, mangas, comics, doujinshis as well as lots of fan games sound to you? Pretty much fun I guess. Bara Manga Online could be your best bet to free access to lots of quality gay manga videos collection featuring a wide range of categories to choose from. Besides, they keep you in the loop when it comes to gay cinemas and also give you a chance to play countless awesome animation games. Now, if you are a fan of Manga and anything that comes with it, you know where to start.

The site’s layout is simplistic, and I don’t know whether it’s a thing with toon sites because they always feel congested. The site’s homepage background is characterized by a shade of white which if you asked me is a little bit too blunt to be labeled up in colorful manga reads and video thumbnails. Navigation, however, is pretty straightforward with a menu and categories section to provide you with enough sorting features. On top of that, is a search engine to assist you in landing on to particular content.

For those of you who are heads over heels in love with erotic gay Manga games, fret not for there are more than enough games to occupy your dirty mind on the games & application section. Although you will have a tussle trying to unlock hidden links, I can guarantee you that the games are awfully fun. Their customer service is also at your beck and call so in case you need any assistance, do not hesitate to ask. Doing so, however, will require you to submit your name as well as an email address (same case when commenting on any content on this site) which is worth it. Also, you can read concerns and replies submitted by others; they could be pretty helpful too!


Well, am definitely a gay cinema fan! There are lots of awesome movies featuring gay dudes as the main actors. Tell you what; it’s like a movie theatre and you can either choose to stream or download these fuckin’ movies. I watched a couple and they not only have good streaming speeds and impeccable HD quality, but also they have fantastic storylines. You totally can’t miss out on this one!

It is not clear how often these folks upload their content but believe me when I tell you they’ve got a collection to reckon with plus their pagination is pretty much alright. Visit the animation section to catch lots of mainly short manga erotic action. There is a variety of animated gay naughty action with long and fascinating storylines featuring a wide range of categories ranging from 3D, Afrotta, akizou, animan, animation, Chinese and many more. It doesn’t matter how kinky your tastes are because you will definitely find something that suits your tastes.

For the love of Manga/DJ, visit the online store section to support Bara Manga authors by buying their books. What’s even better is that you will get a sneak peek into the contents before buying a particular book. There are also reviews to further assist you in choosing a book that can fulfil your manga fantasies. Remember, you can either choose to purchase digital versions of the books or physical copies available on Amazon or TLA video.

This site is just one of a kind, besides being a manga site that exclusively features gay content it also has a provision that allows you to access the site in various languages at your convenience. Some of them include; French, Danish, Hebrew, Italian, Chinese among others. I must admit that I found this pretty considerate.

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The site has failed terribly nonetheless when it comes to keeping their advertising at bay. There are lots of Ads on the homepage which I must admit could be pretty interruptive especially if they are tempting enough to draw your attention. To make it worse, there is this banner on the homepage that never seems to go away. Also, before playing any single video, you’ll have to battle it out with a banner. Even thou they urge you to report misleading links, I wonder how you’ll even know whether you clicked on the right link or not. Pretty frustrating!

Bottom-line, whether you are a manga videos& stories/ comics, animation or just a gay movies fan, there is more than enough reason for you to check out!

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