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Mời các bạn xem thêm danh sách tổng hợp Pubg mobile push to talk button tốt nhất và đầy đủ nhất được tổng hợp bởi chúng tôi

Video Pubg mobile push to talk button

Best Answers:

  1. Yes, PUBG has Proximity Chat.
  2. This means you can talk to other players nearby without getting into the game.
  3. Proximity chat does not conflict with the terms of service of the game.
  4. Also, PUBG on PS4 and Xbox does not offer Proximity chat.
  5. The feature is available in PC versions of the game, but not the consoles.
  6. Pubg’s interview means that all 100 players within the game can speak in real-time, but only within certain limits.
  7. You can also Play with your Friends with Pubg Cross Platform.

The Pubg Mobile Proximity Chat


How do I Use Proximity Chat in PUBG?

  1. In voice game dialogs, go to Settings -> Audio -> Voice and select Silence, push to speak, and so on.
  2. Also, you can change the voice chat channel for everyone to hear or just team partners.

Can you Feel the Enemies in PUBG using Proximity Chat?

Under the “Manage” tab you will find an option under “Sound” called “Push to Talk”. Set this as the key, which will then be used to start the voice chat.

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And that’s it! Remember that voice chat is high, so you can’t talk to people hundreds of feet away.

How to Fix PUBG Voice Chat or Proximity Chat Problem?

  1. To fix the problem, you need to check settings in PUBG or Steam.
  2. In PUBG, you just need to go to Settings> Audio.
  3. Under the Voice Chat section, set the Voice Chat Channel to All, Voice Chat Mode to Push to Speak, and then switch to Voice
  4. Chat Input and Out of Voice dialog to 100.
  5. You can Also fix it if Pubg is Lagging Bad.

How Far Can you Hear the Enemy Footsteps in Pubg Using Proximity Chat?

The first is the distance from the runner. So you can hear the sound of footsteps from other athletes traveling 40m.

This means that if a player is 40 meters away from their seat you can hear his footsteps as he walks.

Can We Talk to Enemies on PUBG Mobile Using Proximity Chat?

By default, voice chat is opened on PUBG mobile to colleagues which enables them to hear you through your smartphone microphone.

The voice chat feature can be enabled for anyone in the game, even if they are your enemies in a multiplayer online warfare game, as long as they are close to you.

How do I Enable Voice Chat or Proximity Chat in PUBG Template?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key with me at the same time.
  • Click Privacy in Settings.
  • Click Microphone in the left pane, then make sure that microphone access on this device is turned on, and PUBG status is on.
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How do I Change Voice Chat on PUBG?

Launch PUBG Mobile on your device, then select “Inventory” from the menu bar or the bar below.

Select the character you want to change the voice messages for using the character selection menu.

You can customize the voice commands of every character you own

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