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‘One Piece’ Chapter 951 Release Date, Spoilers: Is Luffy’s Life In

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Japanese manga readers continue to search for some details about the upcoming One Piece Chapter 951. Reports suggested that there are a lot of things to expect in the forthcoming new installment, albeit it is not going to feature action-packed scenes. So, what is likely to transpire in the next chapter?

Titled as “The Rampage,” the up-and-coming One Piece Chapter 951 is said to pick up where the latest episode left off. It is being claimed that avid followers of the popular Japanese manga series would be seeing Orochi and Fukurokuju conversing at the Flower Capital. It remains to be seen, however, if details about their discussion would be revealed in the new installment.

Another thing to expect in One Piece Chapter 951 is the appearance of the new Ninja soldiers. These servicemen would take the spotlight as the posters of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Heart Pirates are being circulated. Making the imminent installment more interesting the impending freeing of Law’s crew, which Shinobu and Sanji are very much likely to do in the next chapter.

The impending One Piece Chapter 951 is set to feature Big Mom again. The mortal enemy of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates is, currently, in Onigashima, which is a New World island in Wano Country that serves as the official home of the Yonko Kaido. There, Kaido’s crew is expected to continue feeding Big Mom to prevent her from being pissed and angry.

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While the group is giving her food, spoilers have it that Big Mom would be able to escape from the seastone cuffs. She would, then, attack Kaido with Napoleon. Thus, there is a possibility that One Piece Chapter 951 would feature some action scenes.

The King and Queen would witness Big Mom’s Haki covering the entire Onigashima. The Royal couple would, then, feel petrified after learning about the capabilities of Big Mom. Other One Piece Chapter 951 spoilers suggested that fans would witness the sky split, just like the one they previously saw when Shanks and Whitebeard bump into each other.

There are also reports saying that Shutenmaru would be seen in One Piece Chapter 951. He is said to show Kinemon a means to transport to Onigashima when the day arrives. However, avid followers of the manga series would be seeing a few scenes that involve Luffy in the next installment as he continues to recuperate after he contacted the Mummy virus. Reports have it that healing from the disease caused by the virus would take a long time, which means that the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates might not be visible in the forthcoming chapters.

The upcoming new installment is expected to be released on Monday, August 5. Scans for “The Rampage” chapter would be made available starting today, Aug. 2. Stay tuned to Business Times for more One Piece Chapter 951 spoilers, theories, predictions, news, and updates!

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