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Video One piece chap 893 spoiler

This might go toward explaining some of Pudding’s behavior. Also, I skim over the idea of monsters and there be SPOILERS below!


This is actually cute. I love the idea of a tiny ship designed for dwarf use. (And don’t think I don’t see the nod to Norland on the flag.)


I feel like I should have something to say about this, but I can’t quite think of what. At the minimum, the OP world seems to include invisible senses, such things or actions or perceptions that are not able to be seen with one’s eyes. (I first started noticing it in Zoro’s fight with Mr. 1.)


I don’t think he’s going to react the way you think…


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That’s what I thought.


I feel like I haven’t seen a self-inflicted wound like this in awhile. The earliest (Zoro whilst fighting Cabaji) stemmed from a sort of “if you’re going to go after my wounds and be a shitty swordsman, I’ll one up you, hurt myself worse, and still kick your ass.” In this context, it’s more of a ”if you’re going to use dishonest tactics so I hurt him, then I’ll hurt myself the same way so it isn’t.”


Yep. Here we go. Okay.

1. Why is he showing his face? Was the trouble earlier, about Luffy and others seeing him while eating, more a matter of being seen lying down and eating in contrast to the stoic and austere perception he’s created and how others on Whole Cake Island see him? Like it’s not how he looks, but how he was acting that made it necessary to kill the cooks that saw and Luffy too.

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2. The automatic assertion that he’s a monster and the question of whether he’s cursed. Everyone sees him as so ideal and perfect that the actuality of him not having a “perfect” face can only be explained by some outside effect. It can’t be natural. And this leads into Pudding.

Many of Big Mom’s children have monster-like characteristics, in features and behavior (by that I mean, in this context, a deterimental, callous, violent behavior). Very few have both in one, but it still stands that some of her children’s unusual features are just that: odd, peculiar, unusual.

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But others, for some reason, seem to be deemed monstrous. And those, unlike personality, seem to derive only from physical features. Katakuri is monstrous or cursed. The same was said about Pudding. Now, whether I think the two’s feature (mouth and eyes) are equivalent as monster features, I don’t know. But it’s worth nothing this attitude does exist in the family and Whole Cake Island.


I like eels. Gulper eels aren’t eels! (I don’t think.) They’re deep-sea dwelling fish! <3 <3 What does that mean? (I mean, about who his father was.) I’m so curious.

I like most sea life. (Also, is this Katakuri’s natural features? I assume so, since there was a panel that seemed to imply others called him gulper eel as a child. And because I’m really into the sea, biology, and animals…)

Eurypharynx pelecanoides is called gulper eel, or pelican eel. But there’s also a suborder of Saccopharynx called gulpers too. Actually, the entire order are called that, I think. I’ll dig a little more into this over the weekend, hopefully. Because if I like anything it’s the sea + the depths.

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And here we go. Here’s the second half.

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It’s not only that certain children of Big Mom’s are deemed monsters, but the threat of exposure, ridicule, and condemnation of ugliness.

In Pudding’s case, these threats could have come from her family (although she could edit their memories* later) and seeing as well-liked as she is, I don’t think she’d like her “monster trait” to be broadcast to everyone. I also don’t think she’d liked not being liked.

Additionally, Pudding strikes me as being very emotional and melodramatic. She’s going to have a very overblown reaction. Which is what she’s done.

Katakuri, on the other hand, wouldn’t, I think, want Flambe to tell anyone anymore than Pudding, but he’s a little more, um, better at self-control when it’s needed.

Anyway, still curious to see how the fight turns out.

*but that’s a whole essay waiting to happen about memory and memories and being remembered in OP

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