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‘One Piece’ Chapter 839 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Luffy

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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về One piece chap 839 spoiler hay nhất

“One Piece” Chapter 839 release date is delayed for a bit as the team is taking a breather for now. Fortunately, the absence of the latest chapter also means the abundance of “One Piece” spoilers in its stead. Here are some spoilers and speculations that suggest what could happen next in the exciting fight between Luffy and Nami against Cracker and Brulee.

‘One Piece’ Chapter 839 Spoilers – How Can Luffy Defeat Cracker’s Extra Strong Thousand Arms Technique?

It now appears that the Cracker Luffy though he was fighting against is just one tough cookie, literally as well as figuratively. It was revealed in the previous chapter that Luffy was actually fighting one of Cracker’s numeros armors, or hardened biscuits crafted by Cracker to look like a fierce fighter. Now, “One Piece” Chapter 839 spoilers predict that Luffy might not easily defeat a thousand of these armors that easily without doing something drastic.

The revelation was too much of a shock for Luffy. While he did manage to defeat a single one of Cracker’s biscuit soldiers, he was only able to do so by calling forth one of his strongest moves. Will he still have another technique up his sleeve to defeat what could literally be a thousand of Cracker’s tough biscuit soldiers?

It seems that is the only way to go. Since it took Luffy his all just to defeat one of Cracker’s soldier, defeating a thousand of them using the same gear fourth technique might not be effective. Hopefully, Luffy would come up with an even more powerful technique in the coming “One Piece’ Chapter 839 release date. That or find a fatal Cracker weakness that he could exploit.

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‘One Piece’ Chapter 839 Spoilers, Speculations – Brulee’s Mirror World Holds The Key?

While Nami was busy figuring out a way to defeat Brulee and rescue Carrot and Chopper, the two were likewise busy inside Brulee’s mirror world. For the first time, it was shown what it is like inside the mirror world. Rather than a cramped space that manga readers might have expected, it is actually a vast network of pathways that connects every mirror of the entire cake island. With the arrival of “One Piece” Chapter 839 release date, spoilers are betting that the network of mirrors could be taken advantage of by Luffy and Nami when they rescue Sanji.

And it’s not hard to figure out how it could be put to good use by Luffy in “One Piece” Chapter 839. Brulee’s network of mirrors could grant anybody access to anywhere in the island that has mirrors in it. And of course, Big Mom’s castle could very well contain hundreds of mirrors, which could mean hundreds of entry and exit points for Luffy, Nami and the team to rescue Sanji.

What remains to be done is to figure out the way how to enter and exit the mirror world at will. According to “One Piece” Chapter 839 spoilers, the only way to do it is to defeat Brulee and force her to reveal how her mirror world works, a task that must be undertaken by Nami, Chopper and Carrot since Luffy’s has his hands full with Cracker’s “Thousand Arms” Biscuit Soldiers at the moment.

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‘One Piece’ Chapter 839 Release Date

There will be no chapter release for now as the team is currently on a break. However, “One Piece” Chapter 839 release date is expected to happen sometime next week Stay tuned to GamenGuide for additional updates.

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