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The Anime Binge-Watcher — Reading One Piece: Chapter 488

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Greetings, all! I’m The Anime Binge-Watcher, a blog dedicated to me binge-watching anime in episodic chunks and analyzing it for your enjoyment! Today, I’m embarking on something a little different: my first ever manga binge-read! Why? Because Viz just announced that to celebrate One Piece nearing its 1,000th chapter, they’re going to be making a handful of chapters free to read online every week. And I figure, what better time is there gonna be to finally jump onto one of anime’s most popular, beloved and long-running properties? So, at long last, it’s time for me to being my journey into the one and only One Piece!


For my long-term readers, this is gonna work a little differently than how I usually do my analysis. I’m probably going to make one post per chapter, talking about likes, dislikes, observations and so on in a looser manner than usual. I’ll also probably only do a couple chapters a day. I’m still going to keep to my usual schedule: this is just be an extra thing I also do on the side. I don’t want this to completely take over my blog; I’ve got enough damn shows to get through as it is, lol. Though knowing me, if this series does get as good as I’ve heard it does, I’ll probably analyze the shit out of it anyway. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

So yeah, that’s how this is gonna work. Every day I’m gonna read a couple chapters and post my thoughts on each chapter individually. I’m not sure how, if at all, I plan to engage with the anime; from what little I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, it seems to be considered a far lesser experience from every angle. Maybe I just won’t touch it at all. But who knows? For now, I’m sticking with the manga, and we’ll see where that takes us! And here’s what I know going in:

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-Monkey D Luffy is our protagonist. He’s all stretchy thanks to eating a weird fruit, and he’s sailing with his pirate crew to find the legendary treasure of One Piece.

-Other characters include Nico Robin, Nami, Sanji the lollipop muncher, Usopp the nose, and fan favorite Zoro.

-The worldbuilding is I N S A N E in a good way.

-Things get wild once we reach the Grand Line.

-Oda is a master artist, but is… not always the best re:sexism and transphobia. Supposedly.

-Luffy said Fuck Cops™

There’s a lot of other tidbits floating around, but for now, I’m just excited to jump right in. DO NOT SPOIL ME ON ANYTHING. I’m the kind of guy who prefers going in as blind as possible. Let me discover this story at my own pace! Thanks a ton, and I’ll see you in a bit for the first step on this new adventure!

Schedule: Outside this new project, I watch two shows concurrently, alternating each day. One is a long-running show, the other is shorter. Currently, my long-running “show” is the Fate/Stay Night VN, and my shorter show is Rinne no Lagrange. Be sure to visit my home page and explore my extensive backlog of previous binge-watches, a list of shows I may get to in the future, a link to my Discord where you can hang out and chat about the stuff I’m watching/reading with a bunch of fellow anime fans, and much more!

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