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Chapter 180: Rejecting Baccarat – One Piece – Webnovel

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Wow! It’s really all made of gold? How much Beli does this cost!”

“Look, is that gold dust falling from the sky?”

Will, who was well acquainted with Tesoro’s tricks, naturally would not be hit by it. An airtight wax coat had already covered everyone’s body, even the little dot in his arms.

Naturally, other people did not object to their captain’s caution, but they were a bit uncomfortable with the extra layer of wax on their bodies.

So after passing by the area of gold dust, Will disarmed the wax clothes on everyone with a thought, and along with that, he also instructed them not to get covered with gold dust.

Seeing that the captain was so serious, the others had no choice but to nod their heads.

“Welcome distinguished guests from afar, I, Baccarat, will do my best to entertain you from the Faceless Pirates on behalf of Mr. Tezolo, the owner of this golden city~”

As soon as Will and the others arrived at the entrance of the Golden City, they saw a tall woman in a voluptuous dress standing there waiting for them.

This response was… fast!

Nami and others were a bit surprised. They had just got off their Ship and the host here had arranged someone to entertain them. They have to say that this kind of special treatment can bring people a sense of vanity.

“Give my regards to Mr. Tesoro, and ask him if the mark on his back still hurts,” Will said meaningfully.

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Although Baccarat did not understand the meaning of his words, she still smiled and promised to pass on his words.

Will nodded his head with an undeniable smile.

Regarding the person who knows the golden emperor best in the world, Will thinks that he can rank in the top three, after all, it’s the golden fruit!

Whoever gets it will be the richest man in the world!

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This alone is enough, if you put it on Earth and do a questionnaire, it would definitely be in the top five of the most sought Devil Fruit abilities!

But such a rich and powerful man was a former slave of the World Nobles, and even this golden fruit was stolen by Tesoro from the auction in Doflamingo territory!

It’s funny that Doflamingo was so keen to use the Devil’s Fruit as bait, yet he failed every time!

First Tesoro stole his golden fruit, then Will stole the gravity devil fruit, and according to normal development, there will be a revolutionary army named Sabo who will steal the reborn flame devil fruit in the future!

What does it mean to steal a chicken and not learn from it? And What is meant by failing to learn lessons?

This is it!

But Doflamingo is also stubborn!

And aside from the superpower of ‘rich’, the potential of the gold devil fruit in combat is actually not as high as the fruit of the threads that was eaten by Doflamingo!

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To give you the simplest example, when Luffy was in 4th gear, Tesoro was beaten down within two blows, while Doflamingo stalled Luffy until he was exhausted.

They are also Devil Fruit Awakeners, this is too much difference!

But the golden splash trick is very powerful. As long as the gold powder invades the body, it’s GG for them, but this trick can only work for unsuspecting people. That’s why Tesoro installed this device at the entrance of the Golden City.

So Will was considering another possibility…


Riding in the ‘Turtle Rolls’ car, Will’s group thoroughly appreciated the luxury of the Golden City.

“This ship is 10 kilometres long, towed by two giant tortoises, and can go to any sea, ignoring currents and winds…”

Under Baccarat’s careful explanation, the crowd was able to learn more or less about the ship’s awesome features and the many unique areas inside.

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“That’s the casino area up ahead, so we won’t bother Miss Baccarat for the rest of the day.”

After avoiding Baccarat outstretched hand once again, Will plan to stride away without giving her any face. But stop when she heard her saying:

“Mr. Tesoro said that you are VIPs, so each of you will get 100 million belis in chips, and it doesn’t matter if you lose all of them, if you win you only have to return the principal.”


Hearing that each of them will be given 100 million chips for nothing, although they can’t withdraw it, but it’s enough to make Nami again open her kaleidoscope Belis Eyes!

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“Then, does this count?”

And she took the sleeping Little Dot from her bosom as she showed it to Baccarat eagerly.

Baccarat looked at Nami, who held little dot in front of her.

A small pet?

Although she was speechless, she still maintains her smiling face and explained: “Sorry, it’s each ‘person’ 100 million berries of chips.”

She also deliberately put a heavy emphasis on the word ‘person’, seeing that she can’t pit 100 million more, Nami regretfully stuffed the little dot back into her great bosom.

The little dot, who was almost smothered to death, managed to show its little head and then began to look very angry…



It’s so fierce!

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“Then… I wish you all a good time~”

Ignoring Baccarat’s gaze, Will took Nami, and Nami took the money. Everyone began to choose the items they were interested in to bet on.

The veteran Issho took his share of the bargaining chip and went to the Quartet, as he didn’t want to play with them like kindergarten kids…


“Is that what he said?”

With his fists clenched, Tesoro, with blue veins on his forehead, barely suppressed his anger, and was staring at Baccarat who had returned to report with terrifying eyes!

“Yes as soon as I met ‘faceless’ Will he asked me to give you his regards and by the way asked me to pass on this message to you.”

Baccarat was a little terrified, had that man ever fought with Tesoro and left some kind of scar on his back?

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“Where are they now?”

Realizing that he had lost his cool, Tesoro immediately forced himself to calm down, but the risk of exposing his deepest secret still frightened him!

“As you instructed, they each got 100 million in chips, and I’m sure it won’t be long before they lose it all, so do we need to add more to the fire?”

Baccarat’s subtext was to set a trap for the faceless Pirates to get in on their own as they did with those guys.

“Did the golden waterworks succeed in pouring on them?”

“Judging from the surveillance footage, yes. But ‘faceless’ Will is very vigilant, and the few times I tried to make contact with him were avoided by him, is there any possibility of exposure?”

Tesoro thought for a while, “I’d like to meet with him alone, you go arrange it, don’t make it too obvious.”

Baccarat took the order, swaying her waist and left…

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