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126 The secret that I was beaten to become stronger was exposed

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 King just glanced at the black Mary Joa lightly and ignored it.

  ”Hey hey hey…what’s the matter, you actually fell in love with that guy Miller, do you want to put a hat on Lao Tzu?!”

  Kaido stared fiercely at the black Mary Joa, while the latter was lying on Kaido.

  ”I’m not sacrificing myself to go to the enemy camp to inquire about intelligence.” Black Mary Joa smiled and trembled.

  ”Just let Runti go.”

  Kaido screamed, and Peggy Wan was about to open her mouth when Kaido’s cold eyes swept over.

  ”This is betraying me!?” Runti stomped angrily.

  ”How can it be said that it is a betrayal? This is friendly cooperation. You temporarily help us to stabilize that guy, and the strength will increase in the future, so naturally I will snatch you back.” The queen agreed with this proposal very much.

  It would be fine if Xiao Zi was not given to Mi Le. Although it was the woman appointed by Orochi, if she stayed in the country of Wano, the queen would have some hope. After going to the Red Earth Continent, she probably won’t even think about it in her life.

  ”You, you guys!!!”

  Runti shivered in anger, and her white jade fingers tremblingly pointed at these guys, and she couldn’t speak for a while.

  He is in the same mood as Smoky.

  ”Boss Kaido.”

  A pirate wearing animal skins suddenly broke in, with a phone bug in his hand, “This is from the Miller Pirates.”

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  When this word fell, the rest of the people were refreshed.

  ”Yo, Kaido, it’s been a long time.”

  Miller’s voice came across from the phone worm.

  Everyone’s expressions sank after hearing this, and Runti’s eye sockets were about to tear.

  It was this guy who caused her to be abandoned by the Beast Pirates!

  ”Go ahead, what do you want to do.”

  Kaido didn’t want to talk more nonsense.

  ”What are you doing? Do you still have to tell me? When I was away, you took advantage of the fire and sank Punk Hassad. The Caesar under my master also fell into your hands. Now you ask me what I want to do?”

  Miller’s voice was cold, and even the phone bug stared at Kaido coldly.

  ”If you want to go to war, I am not afraid of you!” Kaido replied very stubbornly.

  ”Hahaha!!! Okay, Kaido, the courage has increased. I thought you would please me like an aunt. It looks like you are ready to go to war. If that’s the case, then…”

  ”We have no intention of going to war with you!”

  King suddenly came up and snatched the phone bug, and didn’t give Kaiduo any face. “The boss has drunk too much fake wine, and he is drunk and speaks bad words. Don’t be inferior to him.”

  queen: “….”

  Six volleys: “…..”

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  Kaido: “???”

  ”Really, then where is your sincerity?” Miller’s voice also eased.

· ········· Ask for flowers········

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  ”The Hundred Beasts and Pirates will send Runti to the Red Earth Continent.” King stated the conditions.

  ”Hey hey hey…this is your sincerity? It’s too far, even the aunt is not as good as the aunt, and I have to bring Xiao Zi over.”

  ”In addition, Kaido’s daughter Yamato will bring me here as a hostage, and…”

  ”What are you talking about!!!”

  Kaido was irritated on the spot when he heard the words, and spouted at the phone bug: “You dare to even call my daughter’s idea?”

  ”What’s not to dare.”

  Miller in the city of the gods of the Red Earth Continent took out his nostrils and preached calmly: “This is the price of your sneak attack on the Miller Pirates.”

  ”I haven’t lost the battle yet!” Kaido shivered angrily, and Miller completely treated them as the defeated party.

0 ….. ….

  ”I know that you weren’t defeated, or would you still have a chance to talk to me? If you don’t lose now, hurry up and pay a little price to extinguish my anger, otherwise…they will not stay in the country.”

  Miller hung up the phone worm after speaking.

  ”Hateful kid!!!”

  The furious Kaido released the overlord’s domineering, and the entire fortifications were shattered, the skyrocketing breath swept across the sky, and the depressed atmosphere permeated.

  The faces of all the beasts and pirates group were extremely ugly.

  This Mi Le is also arrogant, you can’t rob people like this, even Xiao Zi and Runti are worried, even Kaido’s daughter is thinking about it.

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  Blue Blue Blue…

  The phone worm rang suddenly, and everyone looked at each other.

  ”Maybe that guy thought the conditions just now were too excessive, so he called and got rid of Yamato.” Queen guessed.

  ”It’s pretty much the same.” Kaido’s anger has been cut by more than half. If he wants his daughter, I don’t want Kaido to lose face!

  Kaido pressed the answer button, and before he had time to speak, Miller spoke in advance.

  ”I forgot to say it just now. Remember to send me the text of the history you have on hand. Look at my memory… if it wasn’t for Robin’s reminder, I would forget it.”

  ”Okay, so be it.”


  Miller didn’t care about Kaido’s reply, so he just hung up the call worm.


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Chapter 208:

  Everyone in the Hundred Beasts Pirate Group looked at each other, this Miller was just getting worse.

  ”Go to war, go to war, go to war now!”

  Kaido roared again and again, he couldn’t bear such humiliation, and he turned into a blue dragon and disappeared.

  Everyone frowned, the base camp of the Miller Pirates was the Red Earth Continent.

  Could it be that they will not be able to attack the Red Earth Continent?

  ”I can only carry out the orders of Governor Kaido.”

  The king and the others were helpless, and immediately began to assemble the members of the Beast Pirate Group.

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  By the next day, hundreds of warships were ready, and there were probably tens of thousands of pirates.

  Just waiting for Kaido to dispatch together.


  ”Who told you to send troops, I was just a little angry yesterday!”

  Kaido was shocked to see so many pirate troops, and was just a complaint by Miller yesterday.

  No, no, these idiots take it seriously? !


  Day by day, Miller on the Red Earth Continent did not feel Kaido’s apology.

  That kid really didn’t intend to please himself.

  In this way, Miller began to act.

  He summoned Hiliu and Ainilu, and led a large number of members of the Miller Pirates to fight against the bandits.


  An unnamed island in the New World, here was the site of the Whitebeard Pirates. Later, after the defeat of the war, the Whitebeard Pirates fell apart, and the Kaido Pirates took the opportunity to grab it.

  The members of the Miller Pirate Group and the Beast Pirate Group fought fiercely.

  After half an hour passed, the island fell and became the site of the Miller Pirates.

  This scene has been staged all over the new world.

  Kaido’s territory, with the exception of Hezhi Country, more than 70% of the territory has been attacked.

  The enemy really came, and Kaido was furious, leading the main force of the beasts and pirate group to fight Ainilu and Xiliu.

  Regrettably, the result was exactly the same as the last time, but Kaido was defeated by the joint efforts of Anilu and Hiliu.

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  The Hundred Beasts and Pirates also suffered serious losses, and the artificial devil fruit army was wiped out with most of its personnel.

  After two days of fierce fighting, Kaido, who had no chance of winning at all, returned to the country of Wano.

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  In this battle, the Hundred Beasts Pirates’ army was in a state of confusion, and its morale fell to a trough.

  They were hit hard in the past, who had never been profitable before.

  After returning to the country of peace, Kaido learned from the pain, and was helpless, and decided to agree to Miller’s terms.

  ”Runti and Xiao Zi can give it to you, and the historical text can also be given to you, but Yamato definitely can’t!”

  Kaido preached to the phone worm stubbornly.

  In fact, he was also very curious in his heart, why did Miller know about the existence of Yamato, this guy has never set foot in the country of peace, right?

  Another point is, how did he know that Yamato was a girl? Kaido has always announced that Yamato is his son.

  ”You take this daughter very seriously.”

  Miller was also secretly surprised. As everyone knows, Kaido is an extremely cold and ambitious man, who cares about his daughter so much?

  The most pitted thing is that the daughter Kaido has been working against him, because Yamato inherited the will of Guangyue Mitian.

  ”I plan to let Yamato be…huh, this is Lao Tzu’s plan, and it has nothing to do with you!”

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  The cold light in Kaido’s eyes flickered.

  The country of Wano has been controlled by the Hundred Beasts Pirates, and the Black Charcoal Orochi is of little use value. Kaido has already planned to get rid of the Black Charcoal Orochi and let her daughter Yamato become the new general of the Wano Country. This is a dream. NS.

  It is enough to see how much Kaido loves this daughter. He knows that Yamato’s idol is Mitsuki Mita, and he even intends to pass on the position of general of Wano Country to her.

  ”Because of this, I want your daughter to be Yamato.”

  Miller said lightly: “If you don’t give it, I will get it myself.”

  ”You bastard do you want to die!” Kaido was furious.

  ”Didn’t you go to war before, as you wish.” Miller said indifferently.

  ”Isn’t Laozi bragging?” Kaido snarled and asked. Is it okay for Laozi to speak loudly? Is it illegal to speak loudly, and who has stipulated that he cannot speak loudly?

  In fact, when he started, he really didn’t expect to start a battle with Miller. There was a huge gap between the strengths of the two sides. He and the big mom pirate group might not be Miller’s opponent.

  ”You think about it.”

  Miller hung up the phone worm again.

  Kaido looked ugly, and angrily, he went straight to somewhere.

  In a certain prison on Ghost Island, because the foolish daughter Yamato was disobedient, she threatened to be a “man” like Mitsuki Mita every day. This caused Kaido’s strong dissatisfaction.

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  Since the age of eight, Yamato has been wearing a bomb bracelet by Kaido, and has been caught and beaten in prison several times…

  ”Stupid father, you can’t stop me!”

  In the dark prison, rats and cockroaches were everywhere. Yamato curled up in the corner. Although her small face was covered with a lot of dirt, she could still see her delicate and beautiful face.

  If Miller were there, he would definitely suspect that Kaido had been greened. In terms of appearance, Yamato was not at all like Kaido’s reckless man.

  ”Governor Kaido!!”

  In the dark prison, the jailer made a panic.

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