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One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan: Luffy Sense

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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về One piece chap 1055 tốt nhất và đầy đủ nhất được tổng hợp bởi chúng tôi

The fateful moment is finally here! The early One Piece Chapter 1055 Reddit spoilers have been released and we might see the clash between Ryokugyu and Shanks.

We have successfully withstood a whole month without any chapter. Thankfully, Oda sensei is back with an amazing chapter, and fans love it.

While it did not feature any of the straw hats, it gave us a look into the outside of Wano and how things are slowly pointing towards an all-out war. Maybe we will finally get to see the Strawhats and their new bounties in One Piece 1055 raw scans.

We all love when the spinoffs arrive. Shokugeki no Sanji is coming once more. The final chapter of the series will be arriving in the next Jump issue and we are hyped up to read it.

So far, it has been very enjoyable to read. We even hope that Boichi will create more recreates of different chapters.

Two legendary mangakas are sitting down for an interview. Eiichiro Oda of One Piece and Gosho Aoyama of Detective Konan will be the participants and we fans can’t wait to see how it all goes.

Right now, we just got the summary of the interview translated! Go read it now.

One noticeable thing is how both the creators talk about traveling a lot once they finish their respective series. Reminds us of the tight schedules they experience and how little free time they have for themselves and their families.

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One Piece Volume 103 is arriving soon. The cover art shows a menacing Kaido in his hybrid form, with Law and Kidd beside him. And in front of the moon is Gear 5 Luffy in his iconic Nika pose, which we saw all the way back in the Skypiea arc.

One Piece 1055 Raw Scan Release Date:

The upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will feature One Piece chapter 1055 raw scans. The raw chapter will be released on 27th July 2022, closing out the month. Although this makes us wonder, once it comes out, are we 2/3rds on our way to a break?!

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The raws can’t be read by fans across the world. Hence, scanlators will get to the translation process. We believe that the English-translated fan version of the chapter will be available on google within 29th July 2022.

Lastly, we will have the official release of One Piece 1055, translated to English by Shueisha. This version can be read legally and free of charge, on Viz and Mangaplus websites, alongside the Shonen Jump app.

We recommend that fans choose this third method to read the chapter.

My Hero Academia 361 and Tower Of God Chapter 551 are also going to be published online soon.

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One Piece Chapter 1055 Theories And Predictions

One of the popular fan theories that we saw said that Shanks is sort of a mastermind, who had planned to feed the Rubber Fruit to Luffy all along. It portrays Red Hair as sort of a genius man who has controlled the hero for the longest time.

It is not very popular since it messes with the fact that Luffy seeks freedom above all.

Meanwhile, there is also the theory that Shanks had the Rubber fruit for Ace. Roger had believed that Ace would be the chosen one and Shanks was his dedicated follower.

So maybe Shanks wanted to feed the legendary fruit to Ace. One Piece 1055 spoilers might tell us more about these.

What is Aramaki doing?

In this chapter, we further delve into the character of the newest Admiral, Ryokugyu. Unlike Akainu, who tries to follow absolute justice and sees only in black and white, Aramaki is different.

He is sort of the lesser version of Akainu, seeking to maintain stability overall.

This is a man who has fully accepted the hierarchy of this world; a product of the current system. He willingly chooses discrimination and can even commit grave crimes, just to maintain the current stability.

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It won’t be a shock if he chooses to turn a blind eye to everything wrong with the current order.

Clashing with the scabbards and Yamato was easy for him. He looked down on Wano and said that the world needs nations of poor status in order to make the higher ones secure.

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And in this lawless land, he will do whatever it takes to get to Luffy. One Piece Manga 1055 spoilers will show the conclusion between Momo and Ryokugyu’s battle.

What is Shanks doing?

Just outside the shores of Wano are Shanks and his crew. We know their close friendship with Luffy. Hence, most of the old members want to go and meet the kid. They are very excited to see Luffy, who has become an Emperor.

However, Shanks denies it. He says that he has no intention whatsoever, of meeting with Luffy. But why though? Shanks said that he and Luffy will meet when he is a great pirate and he will take his hat back.

So maybe, it really isn’t the appropriate time.

Maybe Shanks’ definition of a great pirate is not limited to being a Yonko. Whatever it is, we will find out more in One Piece chapter 1055 raw scans. What interests us, even more, is the final declaration he gave – starting now, the Red Hair Pirates are joining the race for the One Piece.

Back when he was a part of Roger’s crew, Shanks did not go to the final island. He stayed back to take care of Buggy. Hence, he is going to get the One Piece now.

Maybe he already knows the location of Laugh Tale, so he won’t have to gather the Poneglyphs!

What did Sabo do?

This chapter alleviates our worries about Sabo. After the levely arc, we thought he was either dead or captured. Thankfully, he is not. The shocked faces of the people were a reaction to Sabo murdering Nefertari Cobra.

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First of all, he is now the Flame Emperor and has fame more than Dragon himself! That is wild. Secondly, he probably did not kill Cobra. The government must have done something despicable.

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Vivi is probably hiding under the Revolutionary army and chances are, Cobra is not dead either.

We are excited because Shanks did manage to save Kuma. He and his group succeeded in their mission, despite the resistance from two admirals! And with his, nations are getting liberated.

It is truly the time for a great war, as signified by the Revolutionaries.

What is Akainu’s reaction?

Akainu hates the fact that he had to be the Supreme Commander of the Navy at such tumultuous times. A huge war is about to break out and things will get extremely chaotic all over the world.

We see that Akainu, Borsalino, and Kurouma are currently evaluating all the events. Reddit One Piece 1055 spoilers might show the next decision that they take.

We are sure that the Navy has something big. Since the Shichibukai is no more, we are excited to see what new developments there have been with the SSG and the Sword unit, and CP-0.

The Navy is definitely packing a lot of power, which backs up Akainu’s words. When the chaos begins to reign, he will hit back harder against all of them!

One Piece Manga 1055 Spoilers:

The spoilers for every chapter should continue coming like before. The One Piece Chapter 1055 spoilers have been leaked on the subreddit and are available to read now.

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We are here to gather those leaks and spoilers. Once we find the confirmed ones, we will post them in this section. We request you to wait for us to post the spoilers, while you take your time to enjoy the other content on our website.

  • The title of One Piece Chapter 1055 is “New Era”.
  • The cover picture shows a poster of One Piece Film Red.
  • One Piece 1055 spoilers start with a banquet where Nami, Zeus, and Tama are enjoying the food.
  • Ryokugyu has defeated Momo, Yamato tries to come for help but Momo stops him saying he doesn’t need help.
  • The red scabbards come forward but Ryokugyu uses his logia plant abilities to attack them and even makes a hole in Raizou’s body and starts sucking nutrients.
  • Now the new panel of manga 1055 spoilers shows Sukiyaki leading Robin and Law through a secret passageway.
  • Sukiyaki starts telling the story of old Wano and we see some panels from the past.
  • Robin and Law arrive at a place where there are ruins of another city, it is the old Wano.
  • Sukiyaki starts explaining what happened to old Wano. A long time ago, Wano was a much bigger country than it is right now and it was located at the bottom of Mt Fuji.
  • Then to lock the city, great walls were made, but rainwater flooded the entire country, thus the citizens decided to abandon it and build a new Wano.
  • Robin and Law reach the bottom and a gate is opened inside which the Road poneglyph is placed.
  • According to Robin, if she is able to find one more road poneglyph, they will be able to travel to Laugh Tale.
  • Sukiyaki also reveals that deep below where they are standing, there is the ancient weapon pluton.
  • The walls of Wano must be taken down in order to retrieve Pluton, this means removing the defensive lines of the country.
  • Now the One Piece 1055 spoilers return back to the fight between Momo and Ryokugyu aka Aramaki.
  • Ryokugyu said that Momo is just a Kaido wannabe and if Kaido was still in the country, Ryokugyu would not have come.
  • He asks them to bring Luffy to him, if they do so he will leave quietly.
  • Yamato says that they should call for Luffy since he will not lose against Ryokugyu but Momo declines.
  • Momonosuke knows that he and the red scabbards must become strong enough to protect Wano on their own. They can’t keep calling Luffy and others for help.
  • After many tries, Momo is able to use Bolo Breath. He burns a hold through Ryokugyu.
  • Yamato cannot believe that Momo is now able to use the powers of his dragon devil fruit.
  • Ryokugyu starts his attack but suddenly black lightning starts appearing. He starts feeling pain and starts shouting stop! wait, wait!
  • He senses that the red hair pirates are nearby.
  • Shanks is shown very angrily and shouting at Ryokugyu.
  • Ryokugyu says that he is not ready to fight the red hair pirates yet and decides to leave.
  • The scene cuts to Luffy, Jimbe, and Zoro. They are partying.
  • Jimbe says he can feel a powerful haki. Luffy starts remembering Shanks and this is where the chapter ended.
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So these are the confirmed One Piece 1055 spoilers and the upcoming English chapter will show how this fight proceeds.

We recommend reading our Boruto Chapter 72 and Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 66 articles while you wait for the One Piece next chapter to be published.

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