Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 Release Date, Manga Spoilers

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Mời các bạn xem thêm danh sách tổng hợp Manga tokyo revengers chap 214 tốt nhất và đầy đủ nhất được tổng hợp bởi chúng tôi

A lot of legendary and powerful individuals of both the gangs had made their debut in this latest chapter and there is surely a lot more to come in the upcoming manga, Tokyo revengers Chapter 214.

The legends that once lead the most powerful gang have returned once more and by the looks of it, Takemichi is the one that they have come for.

Takemichi was just on a bike trip with Draken when the world around him spun at an unbelievable speed. Looking back at the current position that he is in, there are not many options that are available in front of him.

The former gang members of Tokyo’s top, Black Dragon Gang have come looking for their 11th generation president. Draken who has until now just got beaten up has finally risen again and is ready to take Terano South on.

The actions of Draken have many significant meanings and it would be very interesting to find out what is about to happen next.

The era of deities has begun and looking at all the powerhouses they have gathered under them it is most likely that the biggest war in the history of delinquents is about to come.

Terano South and Kawaragi Senju are against each other and their underdogs have started brawling. From the side of Terano South, Madarame and Kanchan.

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From Kawaragi Senju’s side, Imaushi Wakasa, Arashi Keizou, and Akashi Takeomi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 Release Date:

Tokyo Revengers has been on an outstanding streak recently, the development of this newest plot of this manga has created a lot of suspense and the fans can’t wait to find how all this will end.

Mikey has still not made his entry but considering the fast-flowing of the story, that may happen very soon.

Takemichi and Draken have been struck in a serious situation, but with the entry of Akashi, somehow the environment has comforted Takemichi a little.

The Raw Scans are available 3 to 4 days before the release of its official adaptions and so we can expect the release of the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 around 11th July.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 is expected to release on 13th July.

The English Adaption takes 4-5 hours after the release of the raw scan and the official English adaptation take even more time. The English Chapter will be available to read after 6 PM Est Time midnight GMT+18 AM Japan Time.

One Punch Man Chapter 149 and One Piece 1019 will also be published soon for fans to read.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 Spoiler:

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The spoilers of Tokyo Revengers 214 are not available on our website yet but we are looking into it and will provide it as soon as possible.

Keep Recent Highlights in the next 18 to 24 hours as we will be posting the spoilers soon.

Tokyo Revengers Manga 214 Predictions:

The story has taken some very interesting turns and a tug of war between both the elite gang over Takemichi and Draken has aroused a lot of questions in our minds.

Let us discuss some of the most interesting questions that the fans are wondering about right now.

The Side That Draken Is Most Likely To Choose:

Draken has until now been stuck on his position of being retired but now it looks like it is going to change. With the entry of Kawaragi Senju, the atmosphere had surely tensed a lot but the one who seemed most hostile has now been put dormant.

The former members of the 1st Generation Black Dragon want Takemichi to join their gang and be a part of them.

They may have many possible reasons to do so, the most probable ones are is that he is the 11th generation captain of Black Dragon and the other is that he more or less resembles Sano Manjiro.

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Draken has decided to face Terano South which most likely states that he agrees more to the gang of Kawaragi Senju than that of Terano South.

Draken will most likely be planning to join the Brahmin gang along with Takemichi to face Mikey at the end.

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Mikey and Takemichi Face-Off

The war between Takemichi and Mikey is sure to happen at any point and we all can’t wait to see how it turns out.

As told earlier, he is bent on forming a gang and faces Mikey to eventually make him come back from his delinquent world and live a normal life with his friends.

Takemichi has not yet given his decision but by the looks of it, he is sure to get the support of the former members of Black Dragon.

Sano Manjiro sure has a long-lasting impression on all of his followers and they will surely provide their support if it helps Sano’s younger brother.

The gang has yet to be prepared. We can’t say how long will it Take before the gang will completely comes into power. But one thing for sure, as soon as it does come in power Takemichi will surely not waste a day to face Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 will be here soon and while we wait, you should check our article on the anime Tokyo Revengers Episode 14.

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