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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về Manga echi tốt nhất và đầy đủ nhất

Ecchi is a genre that always fascinated both hardcore and casual anime and manga fans.

And to be honest, it makes sense considering that this genre is known within our community as the ‘Cultured Genre’.

And while we do have a bunch of names for amazing ecchi anime, I think it would be great if we dove into the realm of manga as well.

So to give your culture index a boost, I have prepared the Top 50 Best Ecchi Manga list.

Make sure no one is around when you are reading any of these mangas. Otherwise, you might fall into some big trouble.

So without any further delay, let’s start our session. I hope you enjoy it.

50. Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

Let’s start our massive lift with a smile, shall we? And by a smile, I mean with a comedy series like Machine-Doll.

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2010. It is written by Kaitou Reiji and illustrated by Takagi Hakaru.

The story is set in a world where scientists have discovered magic. Therefore, magic has become omnipresent in the world.

And our boy Raishin Akabane with his puppet Yaya has to become the best in his class.

And even though he isn’t the strongest with scores, in terms of combat, he is unreal.

Will he be able to fight against the scariest people in his class? This series uses the sci-fi nature of the narrative and blends it with fantasy and comedy.

Something quite noteworthy right? Yup, you need to read it right now.

49. Needless

Now let’s look at a series that has a very depressing story, to say the least.

And you will realize why I am saying so once you read the synopsis. Needless is a 16-volume manga series that started back in 2003.

It is written and illustrated by Imai Kami. The story is set in post third world war where people have lost countless lives or loved ones.

Because of this war, giant blackspots were created and those who dwelled there gained unreal powers.

And since the ones who didn’t get the powers hated them, they started being known as the needless.

The use of sci-fi and action blended beautifully with ecchi can be seen in this series.

Don’t believe me? Why not give it a try?

48. Defense Devil

Ok, so the title says a bit about a Devil. So are we going to have more of our Devil ecchi stuff?

Yes! But this time, it’s much more creative. Defense Devil is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 2009.

It is written by Yoon In Wan and illustrated by Yang Kyung-il. The story talks about Mephisto Bart Kucabara who is a demon lawyer who has been exiled from the demon world.

He needs to collect the dark matter and decides to do so by saving those destined for hell.

However, how will someone save others from going to hell when he is destined to take them to hell?

This manga has a humorous and creative take on the devil setting. And if you just so happen to be a fan of such a setting, there’s nothing better for you.

47. GetBackers

Let’s take a look at a series that has an interesting narrative despite being fantastical.

This manga is about two boys who have some very intriguing powers. GetBackers is a 39-volume manga series that started back in 1999.

It is written by Kibayashi Shin and illustrated by Ayamine Rando. The story talks about Ginji Amano and Brunette who have magical powers of electricity and illusion respectively.

Together, this group is called GetBackers and they are the best in the business if you have to take care of someone.

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However, let me tell you, pal, these guys need to do their best, or else, they might be having a hard time striving.

The manga is ecchi but has a very unique narrative that can entertain all of us.

Seeing these boys use their powers is hilarious and captivating in many ways. Make sure you give it a try.

46. Watashi no Messiah-sama

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Is it a story about someone getting saved by someone else?

Let’s find out. Watashi no Messiah-sama is a 13-volume manga series that started back in 2002.

It is written and illustrated by Minazuki Suu. The story talks about Shinya who has anything and everything you would expect from an okayish boy.

Bad grades, simple personality, lack of aptitude, etc. However, his life is about to change as a girl makes her way in.

And let me tell you guys, that girl is a Messiah who is going to shape Shinya’s life forever.

But can it happen? The story is a wholesome and entertaining one with bits of Ecchi and romance added to it.

I think you can read it and have a great time without much problem.

45. Hetakoi

The next manga on our list will bring us up to the ranks of culture.

This is Hetakoi, a series about a naked girl. But hey, don’t get the wrong idea already.

Continue reading for the synopsis. Hetakoi is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 2007.

It is written and illustrated by Nakano Junko. My man Shizuka once saw his first naked girl in a hot spring and later that year, he start attending his high school.

However, when he joins the school, his friends compel him to join the hot springs club.

And just as you would expect, when he joins that club, he meets the girl whom he saw naked.

Now imagine confronting a girl and then when you have a naked image of her in your mind.

Things are bound to get messy right? Told ya! This manga is not about the incorrect stuff.

It’s just a fusion of confusion and humor. This a package I believe you should give a try.

44. Freezing: First Chronicle

Now, this is an ecchi manga that will tell you that Ecchi is its first genre.

One of the most gripping stories in the segment is Freezing. Freezing: First Chronicle is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2011.

It is written by IM Dal Young and illustrated by Yoon Jae Ho. The series is set in a world where aliens have invaded and to save humanity, we are supposed to fight against them using Freezing.

Freezing is the power that makes the opponent immobile and this power can only be activated with the help of a male and female being Limiter and Pandora respectively.

When Kazuya Aoi joins a school for this purpose, he meets Satellizer el Bridget who doesn’t seem to have a limiter despite being the strongest Pandora.

And even though his friends tried to stop him, Kazuya decides to go with her.

But what happens next is a scene to behold. All my ecchi fans, I think you have got your manga for this month.

Freezing has sci-fi action blended with comedy and drama. I see no reason why you shouldn’t read it.

43. Ai Kora

Well, guess what? We have yet another high school-based ecchi series. We are going to have many of those don’t worry pal.

And I think Ai Kora is one of the notable ones from the bunch. Ai Kora is a 12-volume manga series that started back in 2005.

It is written and illustrated by Inou Kazurou. The story talks about a boy named Maeda Hachibei who loves distinct parts of women instead of their entire selves.

At the age of puberty, lust is bound to take over these children. Moreover, luck runs for Maeda when he joins a school where he is surrounded by such girls who have one of the many alluring features.

However, being able to keep your rationality in such a situation is a tough task, to say the least.

This manga is for anyone who enjoys their high school-based series with no complications whatsoever.

And if you are one of those then what are waiting for? Just read this list and place Aoi Kora on your read list.

42. Koisome Momiji

Well well, I guess we have a cute romance series going on here. And I don’t think any of you guys should miss this one.

Let’s see what it offers. Koisome Momiji is a 4 volume manga series that started back in 2012.

It is written by Sakamoto Tsugirou and illustrated by Miura Tadahiro. The story talks about Katsuragi Shouta who met actress Sana.

But her cuteness melted him and he wasn’t able to talk to her. However, when Sana visits his town for a movie, she has the role of a girl who is madly in love with someone.

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To practice this role, she goes to have a relationship with Shouta. However, this practice might turn into reality.

This is a wholesome series filled with bits of Ecchi and comedy added frequently. For all I know, it’s a manga you shouldn’t sleep on if you love your calming stuff.

41. Video Girl Ai

I think many of you already have an idea as to where the story is going.

But are you guys correct? Maybe not. Video Girl Ai is a 15-volume manga series that started back in 1989.

It is written and illustrated by Katsura Masakazu. The story talks about Youta Moteuchi who is regarded as ‘Dateless’ because of his bland personality.

Moreover, his crush loves his friend Takashi instead. And now things seem to be the worst but the situation changes when he visits a video shop.

And this magical store had a girl who came out of the TV to save Youta’s life.

As silly as it may sound, this is the reality for our boy now. Let’s see how it goes for him.

Told you, you might have got it wrong. But don’t worry, even if the narrative is different than what you expected, the content is still worth all the time and effort.

Just give it a try.

40. Mahou Tsukai Kurohime

Now we are in the Top 40, weebs. A new segment is about to commence and I think we should start with a cute fantasy series, shall we?

Mahou Tsukai Kurohime is an 18-volume manga series that started back in 2000. It is written and illustrated by Katakura Masanori.

The story is set in a world where magicians can summon strong monsters. So when a witch became super strong, she challenged the Gods and got a curse for it.

Rewind a little bit and a moment pops up when that witch saved a boy who fell for her and desired to be a magician himself.

However, when he meets her years later, her nature has changed and so is her height.

But when she notices her love and remembers her act of saving him, she gets back a hold of herself and decides to work with him.

Now they are both on the journey of finding why God cursed only her. This fantasy romance series might not seem like something extravagant.

However, when you will give it a read, I can say that you will have a fun time doing so.

39. Eden no Ori

This manga is a fascinating one based on the fact that it talks about extinct animal species and human survival.

What is the story, you ask? Let’s have a look. Eden no Ori is a 21-volume manga series that started back in 2008.

It is written and illustrated by Yamada Yoshinobu. The series talks about the hardships of Akira Sengoku and two more students who had their plane crashed and are the only survivors.

The problem is that they are stuck on an island that shouldn’t exist alongside animals that went extinct years ago.

How is our group going to make it out alive with all these monsters moving now and then?

As I said, this manga deals with survival and extinct animals. Let me tell you, pal, you will have a great time.

38. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

I think many of you already know where we are going with this. This is the ecchi story about Monster girls that all of your monster girls fans shouldn’t miss.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2012.

It is written and illustrated by Inui Takemaru. The story talks about Kurusu Kimihito whose life changes forever when he is asked to live alongside monster girls for the sake of the Cultural Exchange Between Species Act.

The problem is that Mila, a snake-like girl, is quite alluring, to say the least, and the laws against interspecies breeding are undeniable.

And let me tell you guys, the discovery of these creatures is going to be detrimental to his life forever.

This manga is known within the community for its ecchi and humorous content. Although it has slice-of-life vibes, it is still an amazing manga, to say the least.

37. Sankarea

Do you like Zombies? Do you like mad scientists? Do you like zombie girls? Yeah, I think you know where we are going with this.

Sankarea is an 11-volume manga series that started back in 2009. It is written and illustrated by Hattori Mitsuru.

Chihiro Furuya is a scientist who lost his cat and is now inclined toward Zombies.

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So when he was preparing an elixir for zombies, he met Rea, a rich girl who motivated him to keep on continuing.

Eventually, Chihiro succeeded to create a zombifying elixir but Rea didn’t know that. She drank that elixir and later died because of a fatal accident.

However, that elixir kicked in and she is now a zombie. How will things go for Chihiro and Rea from now on?

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Who knows? This manga has a gripping narrative blended with ecchi and a teaspoon of fantasy.

If you like zombie-related stuff, then give this manga a try.

36. Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mashotsukai

This series is quite a popular name amongst anime and manga fans. And to be honest, I can see why it gets all the love in the community.

After all, we don’t usually see an ecchi manga rank so high in recognition, right?

Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mashotsukai is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2010.

It is written by Saitou Kenji and illustrated by Nao Akinari. The story talks about Kasuga Arata who was having a normal life until the black sun appeared followed by a magician.

This sun caused mass destruction of his village and now Arata is facing misery head-on.

However, one of his childhood friends left a Grimwoir for him and it came in clutch now.

But why did all this happen? And what is the role of Grimwoir here? This manga deals with fantasy, drama, and humor with a pinch of Ecchi and harem added to it.

Quite a package if you ask me.

35. Dance in the Vampire Bund

All my vampire lovers, I have got great news for you guys. The next manga that we will be discussing talks about these twisting creatures that make us doubt reality.

Let’s take a closer look. Dance in the Vampire Bund is a 14-volume manga series that started back in 2005.

It is written and illustrated by Tamaki Nozomu. The story talks about Mina Tepes, a rich vampire who wishes to change the world after 1000 years.

She paid off all the national debt for Japan and in return, got a place for the living of other vampires.

Intending to create a haven for other vampires, she is working all she can. However, when the announcement of vampire existence took place, terrorists and other factions decided to put an end to this by killing Mina.

How will she escape from such a mass group of murderers? This manga is all about enjoyment and action.

The narrative might not seem out of the world but still worth our consideration!

34. Bloody Monday

The next manga on our list is a bit brutal with its ecchi content. This piece of work takes a lot more of a lethal turn as you can expect from the title.

But what is the story about? Let’s find out. Bloody Monday is an 8-volume manga series that started back in 2009.

It is written by Kibayashi Shin and illustrated by Megumi Kouji. Maya has got access to one of the most deadly viruses in the world.

How is she going to use it? We don’t know at the moment. What we do know is the fact that Fujimaru Takagi aka Falcon has been hired for a case by the government.

Being the genius hacker that he is, he was able to solve a case but that led to one of the most miserable experiences in human life.

Bloody Monday is about to commence and now Falcon has to make sure that he survives as well as saves everyone else.

Otherwise, things would turn out to be much worse than expected. I don’t think I have to say anything more about this manga.

With a narrative this interesting, I think most of you will give this a try.

You should.

33. Ubel Blatt

This manga is a lot more diverse in its story than you might think. It’s about a guy who is going to go against thousands of people for the sake of his ideals.

What are his ideals? Übel Blatt is a 23-volume manga series that started back in 2004.

It is written and illustrated by Shiono Etorouji. The story talks about a battalion that was sent to war.

However, the first four who lost their lives were not covered by those behind them.

Therefore, their death felt heartbreaking. Years later, the first four have appeared out of nowhere and their strength is incredible.

The guy with a scar is specifically dangerous considering how he defeated an army on his own.

Who is he? How is he so strong? And what is his past!? Those who go past him are always wondering.

This manga is all about action, drama, and adventure. Add a little bit of Ecchi and BOOM!

You are all set and done!

32. Nazo no Kanojo X

This title screams ecchi if you ask me. As an anime fan for years, many of you guys could have already figured out what the title meant, right?

Nazo no Kanojo X is a 12-volume manga series that started back in 2004.

It is written and illustrated by Ueshiba Riichi. The story talks about Akira Tsubaki who sits next to Urabe, a transfer student named weirdo.

One day, while Urabe went home after her weird nap, Akira went ahead and tasted her drool on the desk.

Yup, don’t question it. Anyway, when he tasted the drool, he soon got very sick.

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Later on, it turns out that Urabe’s love drool has caused it and now they both have to share it regularly to avoid any more problems.

A strange relationship is about to commence between these two classmates. Okay, I understand why you would have this ‘Ewww’ kind of feeling but understand it, man, that’s the plot point.

The actual story is a lot more entertaining and lovely than that.

31. Nana to Kaoru

Yet another series that takes its ecchi genre to the next level. I have warned you, ladies and gentlemen, this series is a lot more diverse than you think.

Nana to Kaoru is an 18-volume manga series that started back in 2008. It is written and illustrated by Amazume Ryuta.

The story talks about Kaoru Sugimura and his childhood friend Nana. While Kaoru is a pervert whose fetish is erotic knots, Nana is a studious girl who always ends up as the best.

This contrasting attitude is what created the difference between them over these years. However, when both of them meet each other again with a few inappropriate toys in their hands, things take an interesting turn for them.

Told you this takes Ecchi to the next level. For all those who love to love their ecchi, this is something that needs your recognition.

30. Midori no Hibi

Let’s start our Top 30 ladies and gentlemen. And I think that a great way to start this segment is by something wholesome.

And that is why we will be taking a look at Midori No Hibi. Midori no Hibi is an 8-volume manga series that started back in 2002.

It is written and illustrated by Inoue Kazurou. The story talks about the super-strong Seiji Sawamura who is known for his fighting prowess and unbeatable strong hand.

However, in reality, he is a kind-hearted man who wants a girlfriend. And soon things turn for the great for him when BAM!

A girl named Midori shows up and claims that she always had a crush on Sawamura.

Who is she? Where did she come from? Read it to find out. Not much to say here.

Just a wholesome story with bits of Ecchi and humor. It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

29. Ichigo 100%

Now then, let’s dive into a series that is infamous within the anime and manga community.

This is the story of Ichigo 100%, a manga that can give you a new outlook on the ecchi genre.

Ichigo 100% is a 19-volume manga series that started back in 2002. It is written and illustrated by Kawashita Mizuki.

The story talks about Junpei Manaka who saw a girl on the school terrace, enjoying the sunset.

However, that beautiful girl was startled and ran back down the building. However, during the process, Junpei got a glimpse of her underwear and thus, he begins the journey of finding the underwear and also the girl of her dreams.

Yeah, this series is something. All my cultured anime and manga fans would love to read this one.

28. Medaka Box

Now, this manga is a bit different than many on our list. You see, more than an ecchi series, this manga tells us about high school struggles and hardships that revolve around it.

Let’s look deeper. Medaka Box is a 22-volume manga series that started back in 2009.

It is written by NISIO ISIN and illustrated by Akatsuki Akira. The series talks about Kurokami Medaka who won the student council president by creating the concept of Medaka Box.

Do you have a problem? Just mention it here and the student council will help you with it.

And with that, she won the elections but had no members alongside her. So now she makes the involuntary students work for her and together with 3 more students, the council helps others with anything.

From love letters to social problems, they will solve it all. And in the process, earn the respect of all those alongside them.

This is a fun-to-read manga that doesn’t have ecchi at its core. Rather it’s about school life and the struggles that came along.

Trust me, you will have a fun time reading this.

27. Half & Half

My Hero Academia fans would have remembered a character reference with this title. Anyway, unlike My Hero Academia, this manga is a lot darker in its narrative and features.

Half & Half is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2012. It is written and illustrated by Seo Kouji.

The story talks about Shinichi Nagakawa and Yuuki Sanada who died in an unfortunate incident.

However, God gave them a second chance in life by allowing them to live 7 more days sharing the same body.

However, they can’t live each other’s life and after these 7 days, one of them will be dying forever.

How will this couple react to this life-and-death situation? Intriguing and unique are the two words that will pop up in your mind after reading this synopsis.

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And let me tell you, my friend, this is one of the brighter ecchi manga you will find.

Just give it a try.

26. GE: Good Ending

So we already know how it’s going to end? At least that’s what it seems from the title, right?

However, the actual story is a lot more REAL than this. GE: Good Ending is a 16-volume manga series that started back in 2009.

It is written and illustrated by Fujiwara Hiro. The story talks about Seiji Utsumi who fell for the tennis club captain Shou Iketani.

However, he never got the courage to express his love to her. But his life takes a turn for the better when he meets Yuki, one of the tennis club members who decide to help Seiji confess to her.

However, in this situation, Seiji starts to realize that his life and emotions need to be taken care of, along with Yuki and Shou.

How will his love life take a turn that will lead to his good ending?

This manga is a love story that will melt your heart at its core. If you are a fan of heartbreaking romance then this is the manga for you.

25. Air Gear

Do you like Gangsters? Do you like fights? Do you like new worlds? If your answer to all of that was yes then you automatically like Air Gear.

Air Gear is a 37-volume manga series that started back in 2002. It is written and illustrated by Oh! great.

The manga tells us about the strongest kid on the east side named Itsuki Minami who has everything going for him.

From looks to strength, to a cute couple of sisters. His life seems at its peak but when he gets engaged with a lethal gangster, he is about to lose it all.

However, his sisters are going to help him out in this situation. And thus help will decide their fate forever.

This manga talks about gangsters and a lot of ecchi. Yeah, not a common combination I know.

24. Tsugumomo

Time for a harem series ladies and gentlemen. I know many of you love to enjoy your ecchi with multiple characters and this manga has just what you are looking for.

Tsugumomo is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Hamada Yoshikadu.

This manga talks about the life of Kazuya Kagami who gets involved with multiple beautiful girls in his daily life.

From his sister to a priestess, beauty queens show up to him and make things go great for him.

His bland life is soon going to take some drastic changes. A typical harem manga that needs all your harem love.

If you are into that ideology then give this manga a try.

23. Chobits

Well, it’s time for the famous Chobits. But hey, we are talking about Ecchi manga, we are bound to get famous stuff on our list.

And Chobits is one of the better ones among them. Chobits is an 8-volume manga series that started back in 2000.

It is written and illustrated by CLAMP. The story talks about Hideki Motosuwa who wishes to own a human-like robot called Persocoms of his own.

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However, he is broke and doesn’t have enough money for it. So when he finds a ‘Persocoms’ in a garbage can, he turns her on and names her Chii, because that’s the only thing she can say.

However, it turns out that Chii is a self-learning robot called Chobits. Now our boy has to do all he can to teach her and figure out more about Chobits.

This manga uses its sci-fi narrative to create an interesting and captivating story. Well, what else can you expect from the author of Cardcaptor Sakura?

22. Love Hina

Now let’s talk about one of the most famous manga of its time, Love Hina.

And I think you will feel like the narrative is a bit similar to one of our previous entries.

Guess which one it is. Love Hina is a 14-volume manga series that started back in 1998.

It is written and illustrated by Akamatsu Ken. Keitarou Urashima was attempting for Utokyo, one of the best universities in Japan.

However, he has failed 2 times already and is now hoping for a third time.

To prepare for that, he starts staying at his Grandma’s inn. But that inn has turned into an all-girls dormitory.

With misunderstandings and lies making their way, Love Hina delivers the story of Keitarou’s life as he is always surrounded by girls.

This manga isn’t as one-sided as you might think. It’s a lot more diverse in its story and has a great cast.

As far as ecchi goes, well it goes very far to say the list. Yeah, cultured indeed.

21. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Talk about some wholesome manga with romance and school life and your conversation will be incomplete without our next entry, Pet Girl Of Sakurasou.

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is an 8-volume manga series that started back in 2011.

It is written by Kamoshida Hajime and illustrated by Kusano Houki. The story talks about the beautiful relationship between Kanda Sorata and Shiina Mashiro as they spend time together in the same dorm.

The lack of social skills in the case of Mashiro is the reason why Soraya decides to take care of her.

And this care is going to take some interesting directions as time passes by. Yes, it might seem like a simple love story at first but the way Kamoshida Hajime places romance and other aspects in his narrative is incredible.

No wonder he is one of my favorite authors.

20. Kodomo no Jikan

We are in the Top 20 of our list boys! This is where it gets even better.

With all the ecchi love you have in your mind, make sure you give all of these mangas a try.

And let’s start our segment with Kodomo No Jikan. Kodomo no Jikan Is a 13-volume manga series that started back in 2005.

It is written and illustrated by Watashiya Kaworu. The story talks about a teacher named Aoki Daisuke whose life is turned upside down by a student.

Her name is Rin Kokonoe and she is madly in love with Aoki and claims to be her girlfriend.

However, her attempts can lead to some serious exemption so Aoki has to make sure that he gets his green flag.

But how will things go for our teacher who has to face his fake girlfriend every day?

Humor and fun are part and parcel of this manga. For anyone who loves to enjoy their school setting with notorious characters then I can recommend this series to you.

19. To LOVE-Ru Darkness

Well well, isn’t it time to talk about the very renowned series of the ecchi genre?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time to discuss To Love Ru. To LOVE-Ru is an 18-volume manga series that started back in 2006.

It is written by Hasemi Saki and illustrated by Yabuki Kentarou. The story talks about Rito Yuuki who is in mad love with Haruna Sairenji but didn’t get the courage to confess it.

However, his life is going to change for the unexpected when an alien girl shows up in front of him.

Naked? In his bathroom? What!? To Love-Ru is a series known within the anime and manga community as one of the most entertaining ecchi series offered by the medium.

If you haven’t read To Love Ru yet, just give it one try. You would be shocked at how good it is.

18. Hammer Session!

No! This anime is NOT about violence. Rather it’s a bit of a funny story with hilarious characters.

Don’t believe me? Here have a look. Hammer Session! is an 11-volume manga series that started back in 2006.

It is written and illustrated by Tanahashi Namoshira, Koganemaru Yamato, and Yatsu Hiroyuki. The story talks about two prisoners who managed to escape from prison.

One was called Imamura Shouhei and the other one was called Yazawa Yuu. Now Yuu is our main character and the man has got skills as a con artist.

After his escape, he becomes a teacher due to some mistake and now life is going to change forever.

What happens when prisoners hit the schools? And is a teacher worth that? A fun-to-read manga that dives into schools and ecchi with its interesting plot points.

You should keep an eye on this one.

17. Suzuka

Doraemon fans would have had a picture popped up in their mind. However, that’s not the one we are talking about.

This Suzuka is a lot more complex than the one you are thinking about. Keep on reading to know more.

Suzuka is an 18-volume manga series that started back in 2004. It is written and illustrated by Seo Kouji.

The story talks about Yamato Akitsuki who has just shifted to his aunt’s dorm for the sake of his high school.

However, that dorm is an inn for all girls, and Suzuka, one of the girls in the inn, is now Yamato’s crush.

However, her first impression of Yamato was horrible and so he joins the track team to impress her.

But maybe he has more than love as a reason to run. Maybe he is one of the fastest runners in his school.

The story is pretty basic in its content. But what makes it so special is its fine presentation that can bloom anyone’s heart.

Including yours.

16. Kimi no Iru Machi

Kimi no Iru Machi is a 27-volume manga series that started back in 2008.

It is written and illustrated by Seo Kouji. The story talks about Haruto Kirishima who had an uninvited guest start living with him at his house.

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This guest was Eba Yuzuki who seemed to have given up on her city life.

Now Haruto has to take care of her and as this care takes place, things start to get complex between both of them.

Complex for the better. This series is all about the daily life of our boy Haruto who is confused about his love for Yuzuki AND his classmate.

Things will get very interesting very soon.

15. Nana to Kaoru: Black Label

Remember that super ecchi manga Nana to Kaoru? Yeah, this is the sequel to that.

However, more stories bring more content as well. And this content is, well ‘Extreme’ to say the least.

Nana to Kaoru: Black Label is a 5 volume manga series that started back in 2010.

It is written and illustrated by Amazume Ryuta. The story continues from the parent manga but here Nana is a normal girl in her last year of high school.

However, with his Childhood friend and some questionable toys, she is going to dive deeper into the realm of erotic activities.

It is darker than the black hole. This manga is for anyone who enjoys ecchi to the fullest degree.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just pure culture.

14. Mahou Sensei Negima!

Yup, you guessed it correctly, the next manga is about Magic and teachers. What exactly is it?

Let’s have a look. Mahou Sensei Negima! is a 38-volume manga series that started back in 2003.

It is written and illustrated by Akamatsu Ken. The series talks about Negi Springfield who has only two goals in his life: to find his father and become a skillful magician.

To make sure that he completes these goals, he is assigned the task of teaching a high school in Japan.

The problem is that his homeroom has 31 girls. To add it up, he revealed his identity to one of the girls.

Things are going to get quite messy very quickly. All this while looking for his father is a tough task, isn’t it?

This is a manga that you can read as you are relaxing your feet at a Spa.

It’s simple, funny, and has all those moments that will make your ecchi index rise high.

The pun was intended!

13. Nozoki Ana

My oh my, keep your ecchi index ready because it’s about to go high. Just make sure that you have no one around when you are reading this manga.

Nozoki Ana is a 13-volume manga series that started back in 2009. It is written and illustrated by Hanna Wakou.

The story talks about Tatsuhiko Kido who accidentally peeped into his neighbor’s room while she was doing her thing and now he is getting blackmailed for being in a ‘peer-to-peer’ relationship with her.

However, when this relationship continues, things start to take interesting turns from their mental standpoint.

What will happen to this couple who came up because of their unhealthy desire? This manga is a lot more psychological than you might expect.

It’s about guilt, regret, and relationships. A great piece of work if you want to have an all-around experience.

12. Ranma ½

The name seems a bit off, right? I mean, Ranma ½, what does it mean?

Let’s find out! Ranma ½ is a 38-volume manga series that started back in 1987.

It is written and illustrated by Takahashi Rumiko. The series talks about Soun Tendou who runs a martial arts academy with his 3 daughters.

However, he reveals that one of his daughters is supposed to marry Ranma, a well-known martial artist for the sake of continuing the legacy.

Moreover, Ranma is a man who transforms into a girl when water touches him. What happens with his relationship with the youngest sister Akane is quite interesting to watch.

The manga involves ecchi with one of the most loved settings in anime and manga, martial arts.

So I see no reason why you shouldn’t read this one.

11. Sun-Ken Rock

CAN YOU SMEEELLLL! WHAT THE ROCK……. IS COOKING?! No, don’t get your hopes high. This isn’t a manga about Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

However, it is a manga that The Rock would love to read because of its action.

Sun-Ken Rock is a 25-volume manga series that started back in 2006. It is written and illustrated by Boichi.

The story talks about Ken, who is an orphaned kid who lost his parents because of Yakuza involvement.

Now he is known in his school as the strongest but he won’t fight someone for no reason.

His crush Yumi is what makes him perform something and he can do whatever it takes to make her fall for him.

However, things turn out for the worse and she decides to shift to Korea. Ken decides to do the same but ends up becoming the leader of a local gang.

Now he has to try his best to his the fact that he is a leader, all while trying to handle a group.

The group is called Sen-Kun Rock. This manga is all about action, drama, and comedy with a teaspoon of Ecchi.

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With such a lovely combination, I think you are inclined to give this manga, a try.

10. Shokugeki no Soma

Oh, come on! Who doesn’t know about this manga?! We are starting with our top 10 segment ladies and gentlemen and I think starting with Food Wars would be a great choice.

Am I right or am I right? Shokugeki no Souma is a 36-volume manga series that started back in 2012.

It is written by Tsukuda Yuuto and Morisaki Yuki and illustrated by Saeki Shun The story talks about Souma Yukihara who learned cooking while being next to his father.

However, his father went ahead and had him face a challenge by asking him to take admitted to Tootsuki Culinary Academy.

This academy is known for having cut-throat competitions and insane tests. Now it is all up to Souma and his fellow students to make sure that they make it to the 10%.

Otherwise, this food academy is going to be nothing but a nightmare for them. Well, that’s about it, pal.

What makes this manga so good is its art, character designs, and story progression. The ecchi is infused brilliantly with the narrative and the actual content is incredible.

I would say no more. Just go ahead and read this manga. It’s for all those who love to savor some tasty food.

9. No Game No Life

Yet another amazing series that needs no introduction. Known to be infamous for NOT having another season, this is No Game No Life.

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No Game No Life is a currently-publishing manga series that started back in 2013. It is written by Yuu Kamiya and illustrated by Hiiragi Mashiro.

No Game No Life focuses on the life of Sora and Shiro, siblings who are too good at any game.

They are so broken that they can even defeat hackers without breaking a sweat. However, when these siblings defeated the God of the other world in a game of chess, they got an opportunity to enter the world of ‘Disboard’.

Here, games decide everything. From your success to your social standing. How will be the journey of the unbeatable sibling, in a world where games are everything?

This series is known for its clever use of Ecchi content and the fact that it pridefully accepts it.

However, what makes this manga so special is its story and execution. A series that you wouldn’t want to sleep on.

8. Highschool Of The Dead

Sometimes, a piece of work leaves a remarkable impression on our minds. And even if you are not a fan of it, it still makes your eyes feel heavy.

This is the manga that portrayed the strength of Ecchi and is known for being one of the best out there.

This is HighSchool Of The Dead. Highschool Of The Dead is a 7-volume manga series that started back in 2006.

It is written by Satou Daisuke and illustrated by Satou Shouji. The series talks about a world where, out of nowhere, zombies started to show up.

Moreover, these zombies are not only lethal but also contagious. Our main character Takashi came in contact with one such zombie at his school.

He starts running from them, along with his friends but ends up losing one of them.

Soon he realizes that the entire city is turning into zombies and he must escape his school or else he is done for.

So after taking a survivor with him, Takashi tries to escape his school. However, with 100 zombies right in front of you, escaping is no easy task.

And thus begins the journey of this group to run away from these monsters. But where did they come from?

And who created them? All these questions are yet to be answered. The story is written by the late Satou Daisuke who is known within the community as an incredible author.

Although we might not be able to witness the true ending of this series, the admiration for this manga will always be in our hearts.

If you don’t know why I am saying this then just go ahead and read the story.

You would come back and claim the same.

7. High School DxD

Well, I think we are having a marathon of amazing and popular ecchi manga right from the get-go.

And let me tell you, pal if you don’t know, Highschool DxD is where it all started.

The franchise showed us the cultured side of things in an entertaining and captivating format.

Let’s have a deeper look. High School DxD is an 11-volume manga series that started back in 2010.

It is written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Mishima Hiroji. The story talks about Hyodou Issei who is looked upon by his classmates as the incarnation of lust.

So when our boy gets a proposal, he couldn’t hold his horses together. However, his awaited dream of having a girlfriend shatters when he realizes that the girl is a fallen angel who wants to kill Issei because he possesses something lethal.

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However, when Issei was about to lose his breath, he gets saved by Rias Gremory, the president of the Occult Research club.

Turns out, Rias is a devil and she revived Issei as a devil and her servant.

Now that my boy has become part of the devil faction, he is going to have a life he never imagined.

With all these beautiful girls by his side, Issei is going to make his REAL dream come true.

The dream of being the Harem king. Just by reading the narrative, I think most of you guys can figure out that it’s a fun manga that talks about devils, angels, and chess.

Don’t question it. Either way, this is where it all started and if you haven’t read the classics yet, you need to consider reading it.

6. Voynich Hotel

Now the next manga on our list is rather unique in terms of its narrative and approach toward the ecchi genre.

Unlike many other entries on this list, this is a horror manga that will give you a chilling experience while you are reading it.

Let’s have a look. Voynich Hotel is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2006.

It is written and illustrated by Dowman Sayman. The story talks about Taizou Kuzuki who decides to go to the mysterious Voynich Hotel to cure his past.

However, when he arrives in this hotel with haunting maids and a lethal chef, he realizes that things are much creepier than he had expected.

Moreover, it’s not just the hotel, the island, in general, has a lot of weird stuff going on with other people.

Therefore, Taizou spends his time here trying to help other people and in the process, trying and get his hands on the truth of this island.

Can you imagine comedy, ecchi, and horror under the same roof? Well, if you can’t then the Voynich Hotel is here to broaden your perspective.

A manga that will certainly change your perspective.

5. Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Well, I am certain that many of you already know about this manga or have at least heard about it.

This is because it is one of the most famous martial arts series of all time.

This is Kenichi that we are talking about. A man of culture and dedication. Let me tell you in a bit more detail.

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi is a 61-volume manga series that started back in 2002.

It is written and illustrated by Matsuena Syun. The story talks about Kenichi Shirahama who wanted to get stronger all his life.

So he decided to join the Judo Club in his high school. However, he was treated as an extra there and so he lost interest.

However, when transfer student Miu Fuuriniji introduces him to a special Dojo, things take a turn for the better.

The Masters there take him as their disciple and thus, begin the journey of the greatest disciple in history, Kenichi!

This manga is not only entertaining but motivating as well. It’s all about having fun, getting stronger, and protecting those whom you cherish.

A great manga that will accompany you with coffee the next morning.

4. Gantz

Time to take a violent turn ladies and gentlemen. This manga will give you the aggressive chills that will shake you from the core.

This is GANTZ. Gantz is a 37-volume manga series that started back in 2000.

It is written and illustrated by Oku Hiroya. The story talks about Kei Kurono who isn’t the most friendly person in the world but lost his life while saving a drunk man.

When he opened his eyes, he witnessed a few more people alongside him with a black orb at the center.

The orb ordered everyone to hunt a special creature for him and offered them gear and machines for the same.

Although it felt tough at first, the group managed to survive and received rewards based on their performances.

The black orb then reveals that these guys can go back to real life. However, they must summon at any point when asked by the orb to complete their missions.

While you might think it is a nightmare, Kei thinks that this is the sole reason left in his life to survive and agrees to the situation.

And thus begins the journey of a boy who lost himself in the depths of darkness and violence.

Even though it’s an ecchi manga, GANTZ is mostly about action, drama, and introspection. There is no reason for you to NOT read it.

It’s a great work of art that needs more recognition.

3. Rosario to Vampire

We are at the Top 3 ladies and gentlemen! This is it! The final run.

And I think this final run should be started in a popular setting. The vampire setting to be more specific.

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And if we talk about Vampires, we talk about Rosario To Vampire as well. Rosario to Vampire: Season II is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 2004.

It is written and illustrated by Ikeda Akihisa. The series talks about Aono Tsukune who didn’t get admission to any school.

So he was forced to take admissions at a random school with no entrance exam.

However, this school is a monster school that will haunt Tsukune for his life. And even though he was about to give up on it, his meeting with Akashiya Moka changed his circumstances.

Now both of them are friends and Tsukune is dreaming of a great life ahead of him.

However, when he realizes that humans are killed in this school, his new task of hiding his identity begins.

Will he be able to survive in a school where his life is on the line every day?

This manga is filled with comedy, harem, and ecchi. A great combination when executed well.

And in the case of Rosario To Vampire, that is most certainly the case!

2. Sora no Otoshimono

And for the runner-up of our super long ecchi manga list, we have Sora no Otoshimono.

A manga about aliens and the dark truth about alien discovery. Let’s take a closer look.

Sora no Otoshimono is a 20-volume manga series that started back in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Minazuki Suu.

The manga talks about Tomoki Sakurai who has been seeing a dream of an angel disappearing into the sky saying that the sky has captured her.

However, one day he had a dream where the Angel asked him for help instead and now he is upset about it.

Upon further discussions, he takes the help of an upperclassman who asks him to show up during the presence of a special phenomenon called The New Continent.

However, the upperclassman himself didn’t show up and as Tomoki was about to leave, an angeloid sticks up to him and calls him her master.

Who is she? And where did she come from? All these questions are yet to be answered.

And to our surprise, the answers are going to be much more horrible than what we are expecting.

The manga is great for anyone who wants to enjoy some dark and mind-bending series.

Although it’s mostly fine, the series does take some unexpected turns and smoothly blends their ecchi into the narrative.

If you haven’t read this manga, read it RIGHT NOW!

1. GTO

And now, time for the number 1. This is the manga that defines culture and gives an amazing story with it.

Looked upon by many as one of the best manga of all time, this is Great Teacher Onizuka.

Let’s have a deeper look at the star of our list. GTO is a 25-volume manga series that started back in 1996.

It is written and illustrated by Fujisawa Tohru. The story talks about Eiichiro Onizuka who has been a gangster all his life.

However, he now wishes to join the high school as a teacher. Oh no no, not because he wants to teach.

Instead, he wants to have a beautiful young wife during his old age and so he started seeking love at school.

However, when he is assigned to the most miserable class in the school, things might not be looking good for Onizuka IF it wasn’t for his gangster background.

Bullying, harassment, and threats don’t work on a man who has faced death right in front of his eyes.

So when his class gives up on rejecting him, they start to explain their problems to him.

Bullying, harassment, and threats are the problems that the students are facing themselves, and don’t have someone to look up to.

However, all of this changed when Onizuka decided to help them out. Because remember, the leader of a biker gang deals with problems in his own, unconventional ways.

And this is the journey of Onizuka to find out the truth of high school life and the struggles that come along with it.

This manga is incredible! Not only does it combines ecchi with its narrative in a clever way, but also makes sure that it doesn’t seem out of place.

The story is amazing, the characters are fantastic, the life lessons are eye-opening and the artwork is great too.

For anyone who wishes to enjoy a fulfilling ecchi manga that will not only entertain him/her but also show them moral values, this is the manga.

I won’t be exaggerating if I said that this manga might change your life. So there you have it, weebs.

These were the Top 50 Best Ecchi Manga in the market. All of them are great in their cultured way but I hope you at least got 1 new manga added to your ‘to-read list.

Anyway, I hope you had a great time reading this article, and until next time, Sayonara!

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