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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về Key pubg mobile Tốt nhất

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Best Answers:

  1. You can use the secret key in PUBG to get inside a private room.
  2. There are also 14 Private Rooms spread across the map.
  3. The places are hidden, but you can find the key to enter one of these rooms first.
  4. You just have to be lucky if you can get inside one of the secret rooms of PUBG Taego as you will need to get the key first.
  5. Also, the keys to the private room are scattered throughout the game, and the only way to get them to hold down randomly is.
  6. Discover hidden keys like Red Access Key cards from Pubg Warzone to unlock the secret room. You can’t get Uc Money in Pubg by the secret keys.

How to Get the Secret Keys In Pubg


What Are The PUBG Keys?

There is something lucky to have access to PUBG Paramo’s private rooms, as it also requires you to steal a key that can be used to unlock a private room door.

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The problem is, that these keys are scattered randomly, which means you have to play, as usual, looting and looting until you find one.

Where is the Key to the Secret Room?

  1. Go to a secret room north of The Narrows in Enkanomiya to find the Secret Room Key.
  2. First, you can send it to the location near the Waypoint, then you need to scroll down till you see the three triangular processes.
  3. You can also get these keys in the new state Map.

What is PUBG’s Secret Room Key?

Taego Secret Room Keys. You need to find hidden keys on the map to unlock the Secret rooms.

And unfortunately, these keys are random looting, which means players will have to rely on PUBG’s RNG to get one.

What do You do With the Secret Key in PUBG?

  1. With 12 secret rooms, at least a few of them will be unlocked during the game.
  2. So by waiting without one, you can try to ambush the player who made the key when he was about to open it.
  3. You can also allow them to open the door and go inside afterward to take their loot.

Where is the Secret Room and Key in Taego?

Here are the possible locations:

  • Small Compound North of Wol Song.
  • Destroyed buildings South of the Military Base.
  • Taego Secret Room keys are not displayed anywhere.

Where do You Enter the Private Room Key in PUBG?

Taego Secret Room keys are not displayed anywhere. Instead, you just have to keep your eyes open while you are robbing.

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A private room key can also appear almost anytime, just notice one. Make sure you travel a lot.

Where is the Secret Room in Paramo PUBG?

  • It is reported that secret rooms are represented by square structures on a map.
  • These marks on the map will be aligned with the longitude and latitude lines on the map, which means they will not be angled.
  • This should make them easier to find at the beginning of the whole game.

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