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Video How to play pubg mobile using keyboard and mouse

Part 1. Play PUBG Mobile with Keyboard and Mouse on a Computer

Bringing change in the gaming world and revolutionizing gamer’s life by introducing various ways to play the game and enjoy the time. In the section below, we will share how a user can play PUBG mobile using a keyboard and mouse. Users can mirror the mobile screen to the computer or laptop and enjoy the game. Also, we will guide you on how you can play PUBG mobile on a PC by downloading an emulator.

1.1 Mirror and Control PUBG Mobile Using MirrorGo

Playing games on mobile can be very stressing and tiring sometimes, but what if you can enjoy the same game on a big screen? Wondershare MirrorGo allows users to play Android games by mirroring them on desktop or laptops. Due to the parallel functioning of Android devices and computers, other mobile functions are also accessible.

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The amazing tool catches users’ attention as it offers you to play with both mouse and keyboard. The tool guarantees a great view. Another amazing fact of the tool is that it allows users to record the current activity of the screen. The screen recording is in HD quality. The tool is very beneficial and fascinating; let’s read its features for more knowledge;

  • The tool allows to record and shares content from devices to computers.
  • The brilliant tool lets the user manage mobile applications from a laptop/computer.
  • User can completely access their mobile phones from a computer with a keyboard and mouse.
  • The tool provides a large screen experience alongside HD quality screen mirroring.
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If you wish to play PUBG mobile by setting up a keyboard and mouse with it, you should follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

Step 1: Mirror with the Computer

Connect your smartphone with the PC and proceed with enabling its ‘Developer Options.’ Following this, turn on ‘USB Debugging’ for your smartphone. After the necessary allowance, the screen of your smartphone will be mirrored across the computer.

Step 2: Turn on Game on Devices

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Proceed with starting the game across your smartphone. MirrorGo shows the same screen across the computer and maximizes the screen for a better view and gameplay.

play pubg mobile on pc

Step 3: Play PUBG mobile with Keyboard and Mouse

As you are about to play PUBG mobile through the platform, you would initially use the default keys for the game. You can customize the keys for playing games with a keyboard and mouse using MirrorGo.

play pubg mobile on pc

The joystick keys dedicated to the PUBG mobile keyboard can be easily customized through the available settings. The user needs to access the mobile gaming keyboard and tap on the ‘Joystick’ icon. After tapping a specific button on the joystick that appears on the screen, the user needs to wait for a while.

  • Joystick: This is for moving up, down, right, or left with keys.
  • Sight: To target your enemies (objects), do that with your mouse with the AIM key.
  • Fire: Left-click to fire.
  • Telescope: Here, you can use the telescope of your rifle
  • Custom key: Well, this allows you to add any key for any use.
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They are to then change the character on the keyboard as desired. Tap ‘Save’ to conclude by changing the keyboard settings.

1.2 Play on a PC with Emulator (no Synced Game Data)

In the gaming world, PUBG has earned a great spot, and people enjoy playing it. Few people are passionate gamers so, and they play likewise. Whereas, few people play the game for the sake of entertainment. Not every gamer play for passion.

You might face problems in playing PUBG on mobile if you prefer using a keyboard and mouse. Luckily, you are at the right place because we will tell you how you can play PUBG with a keyboard and mouse on your PC. The gaming experience touched another level since gamers heard about the emulator. For someone new to this, let us first share what an emulator is and how it may help you.

BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators. This allows a user to play any game on a PC, even if it is an Android game. BlueStacks has several advantages and features like has improved graphics performance, custom mapping for keyboard, multi-instance capabilities, and whatnot. Let us now share how you can play PUBG mobile on BlueStacks;

    1. First of all, the user is requested to download and install BlueStacks on their PC or laptops.
    2. Once the emulator is installed, now user should complete the Google Sign-In to have access to Play Store.
    3. From the Play Store, user is supposed to search for PUBG Mobile from the search bar at the top right corner.
      play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse
    4. After finding PUBG Mobile, click on the Install button.
      play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse
    5. Once the game is installed, click on the PUBG Mobile game icon on the home screen and start playing it.
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play pubg mobile with keyboard and mouse

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