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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về Gta 5 martial arts mod hay nhất

Video Gta 5 martial arts mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 can fall a bit short in the combat department, and a lot of times you end up flailing your character around just hoping your punch or swing lands. These mods aim to improve everything about combat in GTA, including melee weapons, gunplay, and fist fighting.

So if you’re looking to spice up the game play with martial arts or full-on warfare, here’s a list to help you find the right mods.

15. Enhanced Melee Combat

This script changes the melee combat and gives it all new bells and whistles. It addsall new moves to try out, including tackling your opponents.

How Enhanced Melee Combat makes things fun

  • Crowds cheer your fights on
  • NPC’s put up much more of a fight
  • Improved gore, knockouts, and counter attacks

Get the mod here

14. Lasso

Everyone’s favorite tool from Red Dead Redemption has been added to GTA 5. Lasso your prey, hog tie them, drag them, do whatever! This mod gives you the ability to tie up anyone, whether you’re fighting them or not.

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How the Lasso mod makes things fun

  • Tie people to your car
  • Lasso attackers and decide their fate
  • Adds various new crimes to commit

Get the mod here

13. Last Stand

Remember the last stand perk from Call of Duty? This mod adds that to the game, allowing you to go into a last stand while downed with full health and a pistol. It also adds the ability to toggle slow motion while in this state.

How the Last Stand mod makes things fun

  • Go down in a blaze of glory
  • Face off against police in slow motion
  • Keep going when you know you’re overwhelmed

Get the mod here

12. Combat HUD

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The Combat HUD mod adds a points system to the game that displays the amount of damage you’re doing when in combat. This mod also adds a kill multiplier system , similar to games like Destiny.

How the Combat HUD makes things fun

  • Adds a rewarding points system
  • Keep track of your kills
  • Makes combat arcade-like

Get the mod here

11. Streets of Rage Brawling

Streets of Rage overhauls pedestrian fighting in GTA 5, making it a more realistic experience. No more one punch kills with this mod! Utilize dodging, counters, and other tactics to fight mobs of peds.

How Streets of Rage makes things fun

  • Civilians gang up on you
  • More random instances of fighting
  • More violent gangs

Get the mod here

10. Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack

The Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack adds in over 120 weapons from the popular Battlefield franchise. Use tons of new assault rifles, rocket launchers, melee weapons and much more.

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How the Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack makes things fun

  • Use a variety of modern weapons
  • Take gunplay to the next level
  • Real weapon names

Get the mod here

9. Refined Weapons and Gameplay

Refined Weapons and Gameplay reinvigorates most aspects of combat in GTA 5. It improves weaponry, gameplay, AI, and adds several other special features to enjoy. Realistic health, stealth, and melee combat are just a few of the many changes made.

How the Refined Weapons and Gameplay mod makes things fun

  • Realistic fire spreading and burn time
  • Use stealth kills without alerting police
  • Weapon damage changed in regards to caliber

Get the mod here

8. Realistic Gun Sounds

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After years of playing GTA 5, the sounds the guns make can get a bit old, and they don’t really sound like their real life counterparts either. This mod aims to make every weapon sound real, and give combat the intensity it deserves.

How Refined Gun Sounds makes things fun

  • Satisfying reload and firing sounds
  • Hear bullets whiz past you
  • Improves all weapon sounds

Get the mod here

7. Alternative Weapons

The Alternative Weapons mod adds many new toys to play with. Use anything from katana’s to guitars when smashing through your enemies. Popular weapons from several modern franchises have been added, like Deadrising, Skyrim, and Mortal Kombat.

How Alternative Weapons makes things fun

  • Crazy new weapons
  • Fight with saxophones, dildos, and traffic signs
  • Use iconic weapons from movies and video games
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Get the mod here

6. Gang War Reloaded

The Gang War reloaded mod is an improved version of a previously made gang war mod, with added models for gangs and police. This mod allows you to set up firefights all around the map and choose various teams to fight with. Place spawn points for both teams and have it out!

How Gang War Reloaded makes things fun

  • Engage in huge gang wars in the streets
  • Fight alongside police against the gangs
  • Choose from 7 game modes

Get the mod here

5. Ripplers Realism

Have the guns in GTA V ever felt not powerful or realistic enough? The Ripplers Realism mod overhauls all the weapons in the game, giving them new sound effects, more realistic damage, and accurate kick back.

How Ripplers Realism makes the game more fun!

  • Use weapons that feel more real
  • Bigger explosions!
  • Real gunfire sounds

Get the mod here

4. Real | RAGE V – Weapons and Damage

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The RAGE V Weapons and Damage Enhancer mod transforms Grand Theft Auto 5 into a much more satisfying experience. Shred through police cars and watch all new bullet animations and effects. The mod also improves melee, police response, and

How the Real | Rage V mod makes things fun

  • Bullets now pass through more materials and vehicles
  • Improved ragdoll, gore, and bullet impacts
  • Realistic rockets, gun recoil, and accuracy

Get the mod here

3. Red Dawn (War Mod)

The Red Dawn mod turns Los Santos into an all out war zone. Choose your side and command your army to fight for territories across the map. Earn income from territories you’ve conquered and battle for total dominance.

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How the Red Dawn mod makes things fun

  • Choose between the US Army or Russian forces
  • Fight alongside massive armies of tanks, helicopters, and more
  • Command your forces to victory

Get the mod here

2. Throwing Knives

The Throwing Knives mods does what you think it does, adding throwing knives to the game. Spice up your combat with a new throwable weapon, and silently take out your enemies.

How Throwing Knives makes things fun

  • Throw and retrieve your knives
  • One hit kills
  • Kill without the police hearing

Get the mod here

1. War Pack: Special Edition USA

How the War Pack makes things fun

  • Use modern military aircraft
  • Over 80 military vehicles
  • Fight from land, sea, or air

Get the mod here

These are just a few of the many combat enhancing mods out there, most of the modders responsible for the ones on this list have several other impressive and fun mods published. So check them out with the links listed below each mod to find more!

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