The airport in GTA 5 and GTA Online: Features and secrets

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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về Gta 5 airport hay nhất

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GTA 5 and GTA Online have given their player base a detailed and realistic world with a diverse choice of hidden areas and activities that players can devote their precious time to exploring. However, there is one region of the city that, even after being a well-known spot, still holds a lot of intricate secrets and information that players might be unaware of. It is none other than the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA).

Numerous players have to spend a lot of time exploring this airport, which has been prominently a part of many heists and missions in both GTA 5 and GTA Online but still has been on the minds of players who are still figuring out this place. It could be due to the vast area it covers or how detailed all the buildings, runways, and interiors are.

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In any case, this airport will always be daunting for beginner players who know nothing about LSIA. To make their exploration a little easier, this article will act as a guide and provide them with all the vital information they should know about LSIA.

LSIA: Everything players should know about the airport in GTA 5 and GTA Online


In Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online, LSIA is an international airport located in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, to the west of the harbor and to the south of La Puerta. The neighboring warehouses, restaurants, and hotels are also located in the LSIA district.

Overview of LSIA

The airport has four major terminals, two in the south and two in the west, as well as three runways. The major terminals are connected by two access roads, with arrivals at the bottom and departures on top, as is customary in most real-world international airports.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is the first game in the HD Universe to give players complete control over the huge Boeing 747-inspired commercial jets. Several unreachable smaller airliners are also parked near the main terminal, which combine parts of the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 NG.

Trespassing on the runways will result in a three-star wanted level unless players acquire a hangar as either Franklin or Michael, which allows those who own a hangar to freely explore the airport. Trevor cannot enter the airport at any time without a wanted level. Police officers, generally equipped with Carbine Rifles, monitor the entrance and the road to the passenger terminal.

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Exterior of LSIA

The airport’s exterior, where the major terminal entrances are located, is positioned northeast of the runways. It displays most of the influence in Los Angeles International Airport, with road layouts and buildings virtually identical to the actual airport, including one that is highly close to the Theme Building and a control tower that is also very similar to the real one.

There are four primary terminals around the U-shaped roadways in the airport’s northeastern portion, each serving a different airline. There is no interior in any of the big terminals, and the jets that spawn on the tarmac side of the terminals are completely random.

There are three entrance gates for the airport tarmac near the roads, two on the main access roads and one at the back behind the LSIA branch of the Los Santos Customs. They open automatically in Story Mode when approached but are closed in Online (unless players have a Pegasus Lifestyle Management vehicle waiting for them inside or have purchased a hangar), requiring players to jump across or drive through the weak fences surrounding it.



There are a total of six hangars, the majority of which are clustered together in the airport’s southern region, three of which can be entered by players. Devin Weston owns the largest hangar, which is at one of the entrances and has a passageway with many piles of boxes leading to a locker room. FlyUS may also utilize the hangar as the company’s emblem can be spotted on the rear of it.

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Michael and Franklin can purchase the other two interactable hangars in the southern area for aircraft storage and spawning when purchased over the in-game internet. GTA Online players can buy two hangars from LSIA and use them to run their smuggling business as well. The two hangars that can be bought are called LSIA Hangar A12 and LSIA Hangar A1.

Franklin’s hangar appears in the multiplayer mission A Titan of a Job in GTA Online as the place where Merryweather keeps a Titan. Michael’s hangar appears in The Los Santos Connection in GTA Online as the area where a crew stores cocaine and cars. In front of Michael’s hangar, two Stretch limousines, one white and one black, spawn.

Flight School

Flight School is an activity in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online that takes place at the Los Santos International Airport on Exceptionalists Way in Los Santos, San Andreas. It becomes available in GTA 5 following the mission Friends Reunited and in GTA Online when players download The San Andreas Flight School Update and are at least rank 6.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, only Michael and Franklin must take flying lessons, although Trevor is already an accomplished pilot. The flight school in GTA Online comprises ten solo classes that involve combat maneuvers, low-flying obstacles, formation flying, and more.

Features of LSIA

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Two unique stunt jumps in the outdoor vehicle park are runway advertisements that move up to a 90-degree angle. Another unusual stunt ramp may be seen near one of the gates on a dumpster-shaped ramp.

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It is very handy in GTA Online for jumping over fences and accessing the runway. Players can also find a Los Santos Customs located near one of the gates, northwest of the tarmac, and two 10-car garages can be acquired near the airport.

Secret rooms

A stairway behind terminal 4, near some helipads, connects to a long tunnel that leads directly to the terminal’s roof. It features vending machines and seats where pedestrians can occasionally be spotted sitting. It can also be an excellent location for hiding and resisting bounties in GTA Online.

Another smaller terminal is located near the airport’s southern hangars, between the Concierge and Michael’s Pegasus hangars. This terminal also has a modest interior: a short L-shaped hallway may be accessed by ascending the stairs behind it. Players can find a few seats with two pedestrians sitting on them, some vending machines, and a ladder that leads to a hatch in the structure’s roof.

There is also a secret entrance gate next to the small ramp near the main entrance gate of the airport. Many players speculated that this entrance gate that looks like a fence barricade was always in the game but only recently discovered.

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