18 Best Romance Eroticism Smut Manga Like Sweet Punishment

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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về Erotic manga hay nhất

Here is a list of 18 Best Romance Eroticism Smut Josei and Adult Manga Like Sweet Punishment or Manga Similar to Amai Choupatsu that you can check-out.

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Before you check out the smut manga list, let these two things be very clear to you.

Firstly, the art in these kinds of is somewhat decent. Well, it is expected to be so after all. The female leads are beautifully drawn and are often cute and sexy. Also, since the overarching theme in all these series seems to be of a domineering guy ‘playfully’ molesting a submissive girl, the sex appeal of the female MC is amazing.

The female MC is weak, shy and very defenseless. This leaves the male MC to unleash his sadistic pleasure at his will. If this is something that draws you then surely check these series out.

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Secondly, all these, due to the very nature of their plot, raise serious questions regarding non-consensual sex, voyeuristic behavior, moral sense, and sexual assault. If the presence of any of these is going to disappoint you then it is recommended that you keep away from these manga series.

The target audience for the manga is primarily women with submissive fantasies or so it seems. So be sure to have the right expectations before you are going to check these series out. Now let’s get started with the list.

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1. Ai ga Nakutcha, Komarimasu!

English Title: I Can’t Do This Unless We’re in Love!

Author: Touko IkuraPublisher: Brite Shuppan, Taiseisha


“There’s no way she’s a virgin, right?” Kazumi is a 28-year-old career woman. She’s single and a virgin, wears her hair casually pulled back just to have it out of the way and is very self-conscious of her tomboy personality. But, for some reason, a handsome up-and-coming star at a client firm asks her out to dinner!

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Realizing it might be her one and only chance to change who she is, Kazumi accepts the invitation… only to find out that the place her date had in mind to “relax after dinner” is a hotel room!! She’s uncomfortable with her body, yet he passionately pursues. His lips and fingers press. She falters, wondering if this is really love. He whispers in her ear, gentle yet cold, “You see now? You don’t need love to do things like this.”

A new romance story begins, full of all sorts of first times, misunderstandings, and near-misses!! (Source: Renta!)

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2. Mangaka to Yakuza

English Title: The Artist and the Beast

Author: CodaPublisher: Taiseisha


Annoyed by everything and lacking any interest in love whatsoever, manga artist Rui gets an unexpected visit from a built, scary-looking yakuza. After carelessly becoming the guarantor for her friend’s loan, she is told to settle his debt of tens of thousands of dollars… “I’ll wait for payment.

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That is, if you let me have sex with you.” And just like that, she’s pulled into it. “But, I’m a virgin… Am I gonna be okay?” Just as she thinks she’s going to be made to suffer, she gets treated kindly and gently, making her first sensual experience all the more confusing… (Source: Renta!)

3. Virgin Hotel

Author: NAKAGAKI TomoePublisher: Akita Shoten Co., Ltd.


Shiraishi, is a young maid working for a prestigious hotel…but she is the type of person who don’t talk back. Kamijou, is a guest in the hotel and spent the nights working, because of that he doesn’t have a good personality in the mornings….but what will happen at the time when the poor Shiraishi commit a mistake and what will Kamijou ask from her.. Source: ANN)

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4. Tonari no Onee-san to Himitsu no

English Title: My Secret with the Girl Next Door

Author: Chika KokonoePublisher: Taiseisha


“Let me touch you more…” Miku, who suffers from a fear of men, finds a cute cafe close to the new apartment she just moved to. The manager is super-beautiful and, for some reason, takes a liking to Miku and asks, “Why don’t you work here?” By sheer coincidence, they’re even next-door neighbors. Miku starts opening her heart to this kind and cheerful woman… Wait… Man!? (Source: Renta!)

5. Fujun na Mayoeru Kohitsuji-kun

English Title: Wayward Little Lamb

Author: Chidori KomatsubaraPublisher: Taise


“My relationships never last long… That’s why I want you to show me how to go on dates.” Sheesh… What a waste of a gorgeous face on someone so expressionless. At a friend’s request, Midori agrees to see a male college student, Sosuke, for relationship counseling.

Normally, she only accepts female clients, but worried for Sosuke, she agrees to be his girlfriend for a day and offer dating pointers. Sosuke’s clumsiness and kindness strike a chord, and before she knows it, the two are standing in front of a hotel. “I’d like some help in the bedroom, too, please.” Is he serious!? Midori’s bad habits kick in, and she finds herself following him inside… (Source: Renta!)

6. Isan Kareshi Kyou kara Anata wa Watashi no Mono

English Title: Inherited Boyfriend. -From Now On, You’re Mine-

Author: Roca KatoPublisher: Taiseisha


“In accordance with Lady Murasaki Sakurada’s will, her fortune and myself belong to you now.” A man saves Ritsu from being hit by a car. He’s beautiful, with hair as white as snow, but he’s claiming that he belongs to her now! The man, Ren, blithely explains that he’s come to the orphaned Ritsu in accordance with the will left behind by Ritsu’s great-grandmother. Ritsu is shocked and confused, but the man seems nice enough… And his fingers and gaze seem to seek her almost madly… (Source: Renta!)

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7. Oshiete Kudasai Fujishima-san

English Title: Over-Cumming Writer’s Block

Author: Awaji NaePublisher: Taiseisha


“Could you please let me watch you masturbate!?” Romance novelist Rio’s struggling to write a young adult erotic novel. From what her agent says, her writing “has no sex appeal”… After some careful deliberation, she begs Mr. Fujishima, a cute banker she just happened to meet, to let her interview him about his sexual encounters.

Fujishima doesn’t look happy… In fact, he never looks happy, and yet, he can’t help indulging her and softening a little at her straightforward authenticity… Rio feels so grateful to Mr. Fujishima for agreeing to “show” her how to have sex! (Source: Renta!)

8. Toshisita na Kare wa Risei wo Sutetai

English Title: My Younger Boyfriend Is Being Unreasonable

Author: Linda SumiPublisher: Taiseisha


“Will you let me comfort you?” Lise moves into a two bedroom apartment she’s supposed to share with her boyfriend, except he breaks up with her without warning. Furthermore, her ex-brings a younger sexy guy, Subaru, to the apartment and asks her to look after him! Subaru’s younger, but he can cook and he listens to all her problems.

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He tells her that he wants to make her feel better because she gives too much of her time and energy to both her work and her ex… Lise lets Subaru seduce her with his sweet words. She melts under his lips that carefully travel her body and his soft touches… The next day, she gets a phone call from her ex-warning her about Subaru… Who is this guy!? (Source: Renta!)

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9. Ura Do-S Shachou no Senzoku Hisho H no Toki wa Kedamonokei

English Title: Secret Sadistic CEO and His Special Secretary -An Absolute Beast During Sex-

Author: Betti TaoraPublisher: Iproduction Co. Ltd.


Yuko, a contract employee stumbles upon her boss’s secret through pure coincidence. Now she’s stuck being the secretary of her company president! He can be gentle than any women, but sometimes a complete animal too…… Finding it hard to adjust to her boss’s “secret” at first, Yuko finds herself gradually getting attracted to her mysterious boss…… (Source: Renta!)

10. Watashi wa Kanshu no Midarana Aigangu

English Title: One Woman’s Prison: Forced Reform

Author: Riara UtoriPublisher: yu-wakuSkakumei


Rinko is a run-of-the-mill office lady who deals with her everyday stress by pickpocketing and shoplifting. One day, a failed attempt to take advantage of a peculiarly aggressive molester on a train results in her sudden arrest, after which she’s promptly imprisoned to “atone” for her misdeeds. With a clean, spacious cell to herself and a handsome guard watching over her, Rinko’s new prison environment doesn’t seem all that bad that is, until her “atonement” begins… (Source: Renta!)

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11. Dansou no Yakuza Kumichou no Yokujou wo Nandomo Sosogikomarete

English Title: A Gangster in Drag -Filled with the Boss’s Desires-

Author: Seri IbukiPublisher: Iproduction Co. Ltd.


Madoka Takura lost both her parents and was brought up in an orphanage, separated from her twin brother Kaoru, who was raised in another city. By chance, the two are reunited at the same college. Madoka is overjoyed to have her brother back, but then one day, Kaoru leaves a large sum of money in Madoka’s care and vanishes. The police won’t help Madoka search for Kaoru, so Madoka goes to a private detective, only to find that Kaoru was involved with the mafia.

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Was he killed for knowing too much? Rumors abound. Frustrated with the inaction of the police and the private detective, Madoka cuts her hair, gets a tattoo, and vows to join the Hafu to search for Kaoru herself. But, when the Hafu mafia boss finds out she’s a woman, he offers to keep her secret… as long as she’ll be his mistress…! (Source: Renta!)

12. Ore no Onna ni Shite Yaru yo Ore-sama Yakuza to Aijin Keiyaku

English Title: I’ll Make You Mine… -Mistress of a Big-Shot Gangster-

Author: Rakugan urocoPublisher: SCREAMO


“He forced me to kiss him and here I am, a gangster’s mistress!! He makes love to me, his practiced hands stroking all my sensitive spots… I can never tell anyone about our relationship…!” During a stakeout, police officer Yui meets a man with a dangerous air about him. After he suddenly kisses her with melting hot passion, she finds herself being whisked away… to his mafia headquarters!

The man turns out to be the young head of a yakuza mafia family under investigation. He becomes more and more interested in Yui as she clams up during his amorous bedroom interrogations, declaring, “I’ll make you my mistress,” as their dangerous cohabitation gets underway! (Source: Renta!)

13. Kiss made, Ato 1-byou.

English Title: A Second Away from a Kiss

Author: SOUDA SuiPublisher: COMIC ISHIN


He said he’d stop one second before we kiss… So why are we really kissing right now!? My first kiss is on stage performing a play……! We’ve been friends since we were kids, and Izuru’s always bossing me around. I have to write the script for our school festival play, which is a relief because at least I can steer clear of Izuru, who’s playing the leading role of the prince……

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But on performance day, the princess gets sick, and I have to take her place! I’m dreading the final kissing scene. We’re just supposed to pretend, but now… our lips are… touching…! I know it’s Izuru… but he looks like a handsome prince, and… he’s actually kinda hot……(Source: Renta!)

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14. Sarashina Subaru-kun no Meirei wa Zettai!

English Title: What Subaru Sarashina Says Goes!

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Author: Akua Uruu urocoPublisher: COMIC ISHIN


“You’re mine.” She finds herself perched on his lap, on the receiving end of a steamy kiss. On top of that, he’s carrying her bridal-style to a bed…! Hatoko’s getting sick and tired of being pushed around by her childhood friend and professional model, Subaru (a.k.a. The Sadistic Prince). One day Subaru drags her along to… a photo studio!?

Filling in for a model, she is forced to play the role of Subaru’s girlfriend. Amid the confusion, Subaru tells her he loves her as his face gets closer to hers… How is she supposed to react when he’s looking at her like that!? Her heart’s hammering in her chest…!! (Source: Renta!)

15. Houkago, Love Ho de, Sensei to

English Title: Running a Love Hotel with My Math Teacher

Author: Yua UtsugiurocoPublisher: COMIC ISHIN


“That’s just the kind of hotel this is, you know?” My teacher has got me pinned down in the S&M room at a love hotel…! What should I do? I can’t run away…!! My name is Kana; I’m a high school girl by day and a love hotel owner by night. Of course, it’s a secret to everybody at school.

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My grades have dropped due to the stress from my busy life, but I’m kind of happy that it gives me an excuse to receive extra lessons from Mr. Saitou, the teacher I admire. One day, however, a guest at my hotel catches my eye… What!? It’s Mr. Saitou!? And the room he chooses to stay in is the hotel’s most popular room, the S&M room!! Really!? That kind and gentle teacher…!? Flustered and shocked, I’m forced to go into his room! What will become of me…!? (Source: Renta!)

16. 15-sai, Kyou kara Dousei Hajimemasu

English Title: 15 Years Old: Starting Today We’ll Be Living Together

Author: Aco MomotaurocoPublisher: COMIC ISHIN


“I was planning for us to stay just friends… but I’m not holding back anymore.” I’m living with my childhood friend turned savage! My heart won’t stop throbbing as each day passes and he just won’t give up…!! After entering high school, Hiyori is finally able to fulfill her dream of living alone. Or so she thought… Her childhood friend Soushi is there waiting for her at her new apartment.

He suddenly kisses her and Hiyori is unable to hide her confusion. Is he teasing her? Or is this for real…? For the first time, she begins to see Soushi, who she’d never paid too much attention to before, as a man. At the age of 15, Hiyori begins her radical, new life living with Soushi! (Source: Renta!)

17. Oni no Hanayome – Karada ni Kizamareta Emono no Shirushi

English Title: The Demon’s Bride -Marked as His Prey by the Seal on Her Body-

Author: COTAPublisher: COMIC ISHIN

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“If I get you pregnant, you’ll have no choice but to be my wife.” The boy who suddenly appeared before Rin is her fiance!? But his true form is that of a man-eating demon… Rin’s parents passed away when she was little and she has been living with her brother ever since, caring for the family shrine.

One day, she meets a transfer student, Suo Kusa. He kisses the birthmark on her neck as he exclaims “I finally found you…!” Suo tells her that they’re childhood friends and he moved back to town to see her, but she doesn’t remember anything. Then she ends up witnessing his true form… that of a demon! “It’s your fate to become my wife!” he whispers as he pulls her close… (Source: Renta!)

18. Gokujou Shitsuji no Doesu Basutsua

English Title: Exquisite Butlers of the Submissive Bus Tour -Princess, It’s Time for Your Punishment-

Author: Juri NagumoPublisher: Bevy


A friend has invited me to go on a tour bus where handsome butlers exclusively cater to your every need! In the bus they treat us like complete princesses and it’s fun but… have I somehow met this butler before? And then instantly after it turns midnight the butler changes completely! The handsome man that waited on me hand and foot approaches me! If you like handsome men then this is the bus tour you definitely want to join! Please come and join us, Princesses. (Source: Renta!)

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With these Josei and Adult Manga, we end the list of Manga Like Sweet Punishment or Manga Similar to Amai Choupatsu. If you have read any of them already do share your views with us in the comments section below.

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