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One Piece Chapter 817 – The Kouzuki Clan – 12Dimension

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Momonosuke’s real identity has finally been revealed. And like most of the reader’s expected, Momonosuke is the Lord of Wano Kingdom, well the heir of it. Kine’mon revealed his lies and confessed that Momonosuke and he were not father and son. He only manufactured that lie to keep Momonosuke’s identity safe from the unsavory sort looking to capitalise on such information (seems like Doflamingo knew the worth of Momonosuke). Just like Kine’mon, Kanjuro and Raizou, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi swore loyalty to the Kouzuki Clan and by extension to Momonosuke.

The Kouzuki Clan crest has been revealed and we are finally getting information concerning Momonosuke and Co. The reason the group chose to travel to Zou is most likely because of the Mink. The Mink tribe have sworn their loyalty to the Kouzuki Clan and it seems like certain issues and developments in the Wano Country require Momonosuke to ask assistance from the Mink. Based on what we know, Kaidou does appear to be deeply involved with the Wano Country as Kine’mon and Momonosuke were suspiciously tense and terrified when Kaidou’s name was dropped by Law in chapter 698. One can surmise that Kaidou’s actions forced them to travel to Zou.

Based on the Mink falling to Jack and the Beast Pirates, I doubt the Mink will be required by Momonosuke to take down Kaidou, especially in their injured state. The Mink may be holding onto something for Momonosuke that would be required to help the Wano Country assuming there is a danger threatening its existence. The fact that Momonosuke does have “enemies” looking to stop him makes me more curious as to what exactly is happening in the Wano Country. Until we get more information from Momonosuke and Co., I guess we won’t know the complete truth. But now I understand why Oda-sensei introduced Kine’mon and Momonosuke so early on into the New World. All in order to establish this Mink/Samurai/Straw Hat bond. Very much looking forward to the story behind the Kouzuki crest and the story of the Wano Country.

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On a side note, Luffy and Nami’s contrasting reactions to finding out that Momonosuke is a Lord was hilarious. Luffy couldn’t care any less digging his nose and antagonizing Momonosuke with his thoughts about him and Nami couldn’t help but begin to make her move towards the treasure the Kouzuki Clan presumably have (Usopp and Zoro knew all too well where she was going with her actions).

Raizou, wow, what a visual shock. What ever little expectation I had instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke the moment his characteristic visage graced the page and reached my eyes. His design opposed the very image of “Ninja” manifested in one’s mind when envisioned. It opposed it so strongly and with such vigor that you can’t help by be curious and intrigued about Raizou. Is he human or is he something else? Those scales on his chest, is he a Fishmen? A half-Fishmen, half-Mink? Or am I just seeing things in this shocked and silenced state that I find myself in (it could just be armor?). Whatever the case, I love how Raizou committed himself to keeping the dreams of a few young man alive and vibrant (that includes you too Law!). Raizou’s introduction and show of Ninja Arts was fantastically bizarre, impractical and romantic. I can’t wait for the Wano Country Arc to see the Samurai and Ninja characters Oda-sensei has prepared for us.

So we really do have a Poneglyph in the Whale tree, I expected as much given the connection Zunisha was hinted to have with the Void Century during her introduction. What I did not expect at all was the different colour Poneglyph – deep red. What does this Poneglyph being a different colour signify? Robin had stated back in Skypiea that there are two different types of Poneglyphs: those that carry information about how to reach the other Poneglyphs and those that carry the records of the “True History”. Could the Poneglyph in the Whale Forest be the latter? Or does it serve a different purpose altogether? Robin has commented that she has never seen a Poneglyph that colour before, so it could very well serve different purpose than the other Poneglyphs. Additionally, like Skypiea, has Roger visited Zou before and “read” that Poneglyph? Very much looking forward to information the Poneglyph holds.

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Nice to see Jack alive, I doubt anyone actually believed for a second that he died when stated so in the newspapers. It doesn’t seem like Jack succeeded in freeing Doflamingo, but I wonder what damage he caused against the Marines given the fleet he has and power he wields. Jack is most likely the next antagonist and based on his prior purpose before rushing off to attempt to save Doflamingo, it seems likely that he is heading back to Zou to find Raizou (and the other Samurai). Not sure how Jack initially found Zou, but if they did so once before, chances are they will locate Zou again. Looking forward to the coming chapters of One Piece.

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