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Video Cs 1.6 skin mod

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mod for CS 1.6 (AMXX 1.8.3 / 1.9 / 1.10).

Release pack contains all plugins and configuration with needed resources: skins, maps, sounds, sprites etc.

Feel free to suggest new functionality, changes and of course please report any found bugs.


Mod was tested on AMXX builds:

  • 1.8.3-dev+5142
  • 1.9-dev+5235
  • 1.10-dev+5407 (recommended)


  1. Download csgo_mod.7z from the lastest release pack.
  2. Extract downloaded archive and upload cstrike directory to your server.
  3. Add linux addons/unprecacher/ to /cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini.
  4. Configure database cvars in csgo_mod.cfg.
  5. Enjoy!


Main configuration can be changed by cvars loaded from csgo_mod.cfg.

Options for main menu are stored in csgo_menu.ini.

Missions configuration can be found in csgo_operations.ini.

Available skins can be changed in csgo_skins.ini.

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Plugins can be enabled / disabled in plugins-csgo.ini.

All of available configuration files have proper description.


Skins customization is easy and can be done by anyone in a matter of minutes, so if you want to make your server special, make sure to customize them.

Before starting you need to:

  1. Download and install Python 3. This is required to use skins auto-compilation script.
  2. Download csgo_skins.7z from the latest release and extract it anywhere on your computer. Inside you will find source files for all skins that you can select for compilation. You may also extend it by adding some of your own – more about it in section below.
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  1. Inside every weapon directory you will find _textures folder with all available skins. Select any textures that you want to use and copy them into skins folder.

    Textures that are already in skins are those for skins included in csgo_mod.7z, so of course you can remove or replace them.

    You can make your own textures and add them here. All textures need to be 512x512px and match weapon structure.

  2. You can add regular skins that don’t use submodels. Place them inside models folder that you will find for every weapon.

  3. When you think that all skins are ready to compile, run compile.bat, input new models directory name (optional) and press Enter. It will take some time to compile all skins so be patient.

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    When the process is finished go into _compiled directory where you will find folder with all your skins. Script will also generated csgo_skins.ini that you can use, so you don’t have to update it manually.


If you want to have skins with different gloves you can check _gloves directory, select any gloves texture that you want and replace gloves.bmp (or t_glove.bmp) in any weapon directory. This will change them in all skins for this weapon.

If you want to use different gloves only for single skin you will need to use model without submodels. There are two possible ways:

  1. Change existing model:
  • Download a model from GameBanana or any other source.
  • Download and install Jed’s Model Viewer.
  • Open model file in Jed’s Model Viewer and go to Textures tab.
  • Select gloves.bmp (or t_glove.bmp) texture – it is required to be 512x512px.
  • Click Import Texture and select any file from _gloves directory.
  • Click File > Save Model As… to save model file with changed gloves.
  1. Compile it yourself:
  • Copy all files from weapon directory to separate folder.
  • Copy debug.bat and studiomdl.exe to the same folder.
  • Replace default.bmp with any file from _textures.
  • Replace gloves.bmp (or t_glove.bmp) with any file from _gloves.
  • Run debug.bat and drag & drop template.qc file to script window to compile it.
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Remember to copy your new skin without submodels into models folder inside directory with weapon skins sources so compiler script can detect it.


By default core plugin provides support for submodels. If want to only use regular models with single skin you can disable it in csgo_core.sma:

Be sure to also uncomment lines for v_ models replacement in Unprecacher list.ini config.

Disabling submodels support should improve server performance, but will drastically reduce number of skins that you can use.


If you want to add money (Euro) to any player balance, you can use this command::

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If you want to give any skin to any player from menu, you can use this command::

If you want to make a full data reset without manually cleaning up database, you can use this command:

To use those commands you need ADMIN_ADMIN access, so better add yourself “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxy” flags.


Online documentation is available on You can also find it in

Known issues

  1. Server may crash on map csgo_dust2_new with message FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Cache_TryAlloc: x is greater then free hunk.

    Solution: Add -heapsize 65536 to server starting options.

  2. After few mapchanges client may crash with error Texture overflow: GL_MAXTEXTURES.

    Solution: This is a bug in GoldSource itself that is being tracked here and will probably be fixed in next release.


List of servers that are using this mod is available HERE.


  • CS:GO Ports for CS:GO maps, pack of weapon textures, original models and more
  • Hanna and 1xAero for ability to change viewmodel bodygroup that is required for submodels
  • In-line for unprecacher module
  • wopox1337 for base zeus plugin
  • DynamicBits for base molotov plugin
  • MPNumB for base smoke plugin
  • Nomexous for base weapon physics plugin
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