Critical Ops MOD APK 1.36.0.f2060 (Unlimited Money/all skins)

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About Critical Ops

Welcome to the energizing new combat zone! Only intended for the best shooting players, Critical Ops: Reloaded is the new norm for nothing to-play multiplayer shooter games. Appreciate extreme current military fighting whenever, anyplace with your companions. Arrive at the head of the Ranked Mode stepping stool. Demonstrate that you have the stuff to be the best.

The good news is that now it’s available in the Asia market too as earlier was only limited to American and European countries. As it arrived in the Asian market, it has started gaining popularity with achieving a milestone of a million downloads and players on the play store.

Many of its players needed some more features like unlimited money/credits for maximizing their enjoyment in the game, so we are providing the Critical Ops MOD APK. Your account won’t get banned if you use the mod version provided by us.

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So let’s get started describing all of its users and highly demanded features to you.


The Critical Ops is a great shorting game consisting of the new game mode code decipher bad new map avenue for your enjoyment. You need to defeat your enemies and retrieve the code for reaching the target. Moreover, you need to stop the enemies’ code revival and defeat them.

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The new season 2 in the game offers multiple challenges to conquer and be on the top. You need to achieve high ranks to upgrade your critical pass and its rewards.

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS Poster


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The outcome of the shooting battles in the Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS is not determined by luck and depends on your skills, tactics, and teamwork. Although some paid items help you gain faster success in the game, none of them manipulate battles.


It’s based on the previous shooting game, which captured millions of users. It Continues taking steps towards the innovation of modern shooting games. The revamped UI, sounds, Amos, and other game elements make it more vulnerable to players. Take cover through tight corridors to protect yourself and shoot down enemies.

DOMINION – New Game Mode

The game mode takes you on a battlefield where you have to capture your enemy’s territory and defend yours. Each capture on the enemy territory grants you some points. The first team to collect a total of 200 points wins the Dominion mode of the game.


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TEAM DEATHMATCH is another most popular model in Critical Ops MOD APK. On the battlefield, you get 5pvp battles, and the team who gets the highest kill scores win it. You need to confirm your kills and never stop shooting as a single kill difference can cause a lot of damage to you.

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Critical Ops MOD Download


It’s a strategic gameplay mode in which teamwork is the oy chance for victory. Moreover, better guidance of the team is needed too. Your team needs to play their every move. There’s no chance of survival if you get knocked out in the game.


The game contains a large variety of weapons and each of them possesses different abilities. So you need to upgrade them frequently to maximize their abilities. Moreover, you can also collect their skins to make you look different and more attractive in the game.


Phương Anh

Xin Chào mình là Huyền Anh, Mình chịu trách nhiện sản xuất nội dung trên website:, rất vui mang lại những thông tin hữu ích đến mọi người. Thay mặt Trường Thcs thái văn lung chúc các bạn tìm được những thông tin hữu ích nhất.

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