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Video Chap one piece 960

Twenty-five years ago, back before the Great Pirate Era began, Oden, Roger, Shanks, Buggy, and other pirates traveled on the same ship. They enjoy drinking booze, Oden is glad that he followed Roger. The doctor tells Roger to take care of his health since he is drinking too much, and the two got involved in a sparring match. They exchange blows until they got tired, and Oden is thinking about going back to the Land of Wano.

Oden said that he needs to do something there, and Buggy thinks he can lend him some hands. Oden said that it has to be done by Kozuki, and he is wondering why the Land of Wano closed its door. Oden reveals that it was his choice to leave the country, but he won’t be selfish and say he want to become the Shogun. Oden vows that he will open the Land of Wano and wait for the future that will come more than 20 years from now.

One Piece Episode 960 Release Date

One Piece Episode 960 will be released on Sunday, 31 January 2021, at 9:30 AM JST. Note that every Sunday, a new episode of One Piece is released. This post may contain spoilers for the upcoming episodes. Watch this Anime’s latest episode officially on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. Take a look at more details below.

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Previously on One Piece Episode 959

Roger yells that they will do it, and Oden replies that he will do it. Now 25 years have passed at Habu Port, Hakumai, Orochi is partying with his allies, and Orochi is warned not to drink before he sees Kaido. Orochi replied that it won’t be a problem since Kaido is also drunk too. Orochi yells that”‘ it is a big banquet with 30 thousand guests, let’s have a great time like always”‘ On that night of the annual Fire Festival, the two leaders who ruled the Land of Wano come together at Onigashima.

Peaceful Land of Wano

They throw a big banquet at which all of the Orochi’s army and Kaido’s army gather. At Flower Capital, on the day of the Fire Festival, the citizens enjoy the festival like there is nothing wrong with the Land of Wano. They enjoy drinking and dancing since it is the only day they are allowed to do so. The sky is clear with a beautiful full moon; it was like the old peaceful Land of Wano that everyone lived freely.

At the same time, at the rendezvous point, Tokage Port Kenjemon is worried about others that the ships and soldiers are not showing up. He took out the crescent moon flyer and realizes that they have to meet at twilight on the day of the Fire Festival at Tokage Port. They are worried about why their comrades are not showing up since they are planning to conquer Udon. Kenemon falls on his knees, wondering what is happening.

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At the Fire Festival, the villager is happy that they are burning out all the stress. They are happy that Orochi is not around, and they can wander around freely. At the same time, Kenemon started shout ting where are the Straw Hats. Everyone started to she tears thinking that something must have happened to the Straw Hats. Two days before the Fire Festival at Amagasa village Kenemon communicate with everyone about the plans.

Tokage Port

Kenemon also reminds them where they are going to meet. All crew agrees that they will meet up at the Port, and they started with their preparations, even Luffy and others at Udon. Luffy, Brook, Chopper and got to wear the new armored outfit, and Sanji asks Zore to wear it. Zoro said it would slow him down. Sanji comments that it is because his bounty is low, and Zoro gets angry.

He showed Sanji the power of Enma that cuts Sanji loose draw cigarette along with the mountain’s edge. They both clash their heads, and Sanji asks Zoro if he wants to fight, or he will kill him. Nami came and slapped Zoro and Sanji to stop the fight. The dog storm three musketeers joined the Straw Hat and discussed the strategies on how they are going to reach the Port. Luffy is worried that Big Mom is here and Jinbei is not.

He reveals how Jinbei helps them to escape from Big Mom, and Jinbei promises that he will meet with Luffy at the Land of Wano. Kinemon’ss wife draws the attention of the villains, so thatKinemon’s plans won’t be exposed. Back to the present at the Port, Kinemon decided that he can’t wait if his allies are not showing up; they have to attack Onigashima tonight. Shinobu tries to stop him, but he refuses to listen.

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You can also read One Piece Episode 959. The latest development will be available every week. With all of the details above that what we have to offer for you, see you next time when a new episode hits.

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