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Qua bài viết này chúng tôi hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn hiểu rõ về Anh văn 10 unit 12 tốt nhất và đầy đủ nhất được tổng hợp bởi chúng tôi

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Unit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 MusicUnit 12 Music

Read the text and do the tasks that follow. Music, which plays an indispensable part in human life and is loved by almost everyone, is an arrangement of sounds that are played on instruments and/or sung. Different people, however, will prefer different kinds of music.148Classical music is mainly for a learned and serious audience. Compared with romantic music, it depends more on formal appeal than emotional stimulation. One of the best-known composers of classical music is Mozart (1756 – 1791), whose symphony No. 40 in G Minor has been loved worldwide. Pop music, in contrast, usually refers to a nonclassical type of music emerging in the early 1900s. Pop music is popular with a great variety of people because it consists of short songs with a strong beat and simple tunes easy to remember.Generations of pop music lovers Elvis Presley will perhaps never forget sweet pop songs like Papa by Paul Alka.Rock-‘n’-roll, a type of popular music developed from jazz (rooted in the musical traditions of African-Americans) and country music (the southern / western folk music of rural United States), had not appeared until the 1950s. With hits like Heartbreak Hotel, Elvis Presley (1935-1977) was known as the “King of Rock-‘n’-Roll.”The Rolling StonesFrom rock-‘n’-roll, it was not until the 1960s that rock developed. Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones is an example of this modern music with a very strong beat, based on a solo voice and (mainly) electric guitars. Unlike those types of music, folk music, transmitted orally, often has unknown composers. A folk song usually has several versions. An example of folk Songs is Auld Lang Syne, traditionally Sung at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Britain.a) Answer the following questions, 1. Who are the listeners of classical music? 2. What is the key difference between classical music and romantic music?149 3. Why is pop music so popular with many people? 4. Why does a folk song usually have several versions? 5. When was rock-‘n’-roll born? 6. How successful was Elvis Presley with rock-‘n’-roll? 7. Where does rock come from? 8. What is the key musical instrument that rock is played on? b) Fill in the gaps with the missing information. Music Type DescriptionClassical for a (1) audience: Symphony No. 40 dependent more on formal appealFolk transmitted orally, (2) (3) composers, has several versionsPор nonclassical type of music, Papa by Paul Alka emerging in (4) : short songs with a strong beat and simple tunes (5)Rock-‘n’-roll developed from (6) music (8) by in the (7) the “King ofRock-‘n’-Roll”Rock developed in the 1960s from Satisfaction by(9) , strong beat, based on 10)a solo voice and electric guitarsS S L S L GG LSLS S SLS CCGS LLLLLLL G LCCCCCLS SSLLS S LS L S SLS LCCCCC L G L SGS L CGGL SSS S GGG SLSLS LLL LL LLL to find out the roles of music in society. Unit 12 MusicLISTENINGS CCCC L CC LS L CCCC L S CCCCCCGGG GG and/or singers – and music types.a b c de g h k m no 2 A H S 3 || || || R R. – V P. T O. 5 D C. C O S N W. 6 O P Y 7 a A K B S R 8 S. C E T. E it 9 G S. O UN 10 S C | A y C. S E. 2 N A O H 13 E NTb) Put your findings in the correct columns.Song Title Artist’s Name Music Type151 SS LSS LS LLL G LCL SLLSG LSSCG S LLS S C LSLS LL CSGLL L2the seas wind See Cry strike mountain sky deaths banned free 8aFS diedBlowin’ in the Wind Bob Dylan1. How many roads must a man walk down Before they call him a man? How many (1) must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? How many times must the cannonballs (2) Before they’re forever (3) Chorus. The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the (4) .The answer is blowin in the wind.. How many years must a (5) exist Before it is washed to the sea? How many years can some people exist Before they’re allowed to be (6) How many times can a man turn his head And pretend that he just doesn’t (7) 2 (Back to chorus)3. How many times must a man look upBefore he can see the (8)How many (9) must one man have Before he can hear people (10) How many (11) will it take til heknows That too many people have (12)(Back to chorus)LS GLCCL G LLSS LLL LL LLL LGLG S LLL LL L CCCCLL C LLLLLL LL152table in h),Unit 12 Music贛 SPEAKNG Expressing Attitudes Toward Types of MusicG SS SL L L L CLLL LLL LLLLLL GG L L L L L L G S SG LSLS SLLLSL SSLLS GGGGC LLL S CSC LS LL C CCGG LSLLLL L LSLS LLLLL L LLLLLS SS LLCLLS1. modern and popular among young people, touches various things of life2, a type of pop music with a very strong beat b. рор 3. strong rhythms, slow, nostalgic, sad tunes c. folk 4. traditional in a particular country, melodious d, rock-n-roll 5, serious and traditional in style; not everyone can e, rapenjoy it6. a strong beat to which words are spoken rather f. classical than sung; very excitingS LSS LS CC L S L CC L C S S C S S S SL L L LS LS L CC L G LS L C L L S L L L L S LS CCSPositive AttitudesI love – his guitar. like pleased – . | duet The audience felt very with their performance, excited choruslovely I find it really intriguing to … moving Neutral Attitudes Yeah, it’s not so bad.Well, I don’t know. It’sOK all rightwith me.for me.I’m not so interested in this type of music. Maybe I’ll learn to like it.Negative AttitudesWe don’t like the lyrics. dislike annoying. The performance is (really) awful. disappointing. We are so tired of can’t bear such a song. Na Example Daddy. stapping on the daughter’s shoulder) Hey, my little lady. Are you going to blow up this house? Daughter. … (listening to some rap music) Come on, Daddy, it can’t be so bad. Daddy: (turning down the volume). It’s too late now, dear. Won’t you ever feel tired of such noisy stuff? Daughter: My daddy, you dislike rap, don’t you? You can never learn to appreciate it then. Daddy. How do you find rap so exciting? Daughter. I feel energized listening to it. The rhythm is fantastic. Daddy. But it’s speaking, not singing! Daughter, Calm down, Daddy. Please try this one. There you go. How do you like it? Daddy. Well, it’s not so bad. Maybe this one is soft enough for me. I’ll learn to understand more about my princess. Daughter. No one compares to you, Daddy! You’ll soon see why we154all like it.Unit 12 Musicc) Who is your favorite singer composer? What do you think is the most intere Sting about him/herWRITING لخليةa) Have a look over this snapshot of the singer and composer of the song in the listening activity.Writing a Brief ProfileBob Dylan (1941-) – musician & author of protest music in the 1960s -born in Minnesota, the United States – traveled throughout the United States, singing about the poor – mid-1960s, played the electric guitar – showed rock influences – 1962; released Blowin’ in the Wind – 1966; style turned more toward country music; late 1970s; his works reflected his religious interest – 1995: released a CD-ROM product, Highway 61 Interactive – Recognized as folk and rock legend with 44 albums – “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”And this is a sample of profile writing about hin. Bob Dylan, an American musician and composer, was born in 1941 in Minnesota, the United States. He traveled throughout the United States singing about the poor. During the mid-1960s, he began playing the electric guitar, and his music showed rock influences. In 1962, his song Blowin’ in the Wind was released and soon became an anthem of the civil rights movement. In 1966, Dylan’s style turned more toward country music, and by the late 1970s his works showed his religious interest. In155 1995, he released a CD-ROM production, Highway 61 Interactive. With his songs of social protest associated with the civil rights movement in the United States, Bob Dylan has become a legend in contemporary folk music and rock music. Many music fans find him unforgettable with the thought-provoking question, “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?” Notes 1. When you write a brief profile, your paragraph should have the following information: – Who the person is/was – Where and when he/she was born – What he/she is well-known/famous for – What his/her important achievements are (albums/songs/shows) – (if not alive) When he/she died 2. Paragraphs of this kind are usually organized in time order.3. You can spice your writing with a striking remark by the person himself/herself.S L SHSL CCCCCCCG L CLLLLL S SLSL S LS L S SLS S SC G LLLLCS L S S Syошгоип.Trịnh Cong Son (1939 – 2001)- composer and singer, most known for love songs and antiwarsongs, “VietNam’s Bob Dylan” -born in Dac Lac, grew up in Hue (from 1943) – 1958: wrote Uot Mi – first song, soon became famous – 1972: Won the Japanese Golden Disc with Ngu Di Con – Huge legacy of more than 500 songs: Noi Vong Tay Lon, Toi SeDi Tham, Ha Trang, Mot Coi Di Ve, Chiec La Thu Phai, Hay}^eu Whau Di. – “There is merely love and human condition in this life. Humancondition is finite, whereas love is infinite. We should thus tryour best to nourish love so that it could accordingly savecondition on the cross of Life.”ίτη ΙΙ 12 ΜμείοLANGUAGE FOCUS ܬܵܐWord Study Prefix. NonExample Pop music, in contrast, usually refers to a non-classical type ofmusic emerging in the early 1900s.Combine non- and the appropriate words from the box to complete the S LS LC CCC LL LCCC GS S S C S S GG S G LLL G LGLGG G L L L L L L L L changes. The first item has been done for you. profit smoke alcohol fat refund violence stop telew negotiate1. Do you like non Stop music?2.This is a room, isn’t it?3.. You may not play on-line games all day like that. This is a regulation4…. If you order these songs to be recorded on this high-quality disk, you should pay a deposit.5. Many great artists are wholehearted activists for organizations.6. More and more people choose to buy drinks and foods.7. Environmentalists are urging people not to use fossil fuels.8. Do you think music is a very effective way of protest?157Grammara) Information QuestionsLLS LL C LLL LLL LL LLS C LLL LLLS S L S SL information about something.Who…? Who is the writer of our national anthem?What…? What is your favorite music style?When…? When was Blowin’ in the Wind released?Where…? Where is the best place to go to a concert in this town? Why…? Why are those songs timeless? How…? How much is a ticket to Dang Thai Son’s recital?Write information questions so that the underlined words or phrases are the answers. The first one has been done for you.1581. Blowin’ in the Wind was released in 1962. When was Blowin’ in the Wind released? 2. Luu. Huu_Phuoc – One of Viet Nam’s greatest composers – wrote many great patriotic songs such as Len Dang, Hon Tu Si, and Lanh Ilt 3. Van Cao’s Tien Ouan Ca was adopted as the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of VietNam on August 13, 1945. 4. Trinh Cong Son Wrote as many as five or six hundred Songs in his lifetime. 5. The keynote composer is sitting in the first row, to your left. 6. I love revolutionary Songs because I always find them inspiring. 7. No matter how different, various music types have one thing in common: They touch the hearts of the listeners. 8. We were all very deeply moved when our former homeroom teacher sang Con Duong Den Truong at our yearly class reunion.Rock began to develop from rock-‘n’-roll in the 1960s. It was not until the 1960s that rock began to develop from rock-‘n’-roll. Rewrite the following sentences with It was not until … that . Make changes, if necessary. The first one has been done for you.1.3.Rock-‘n’-roll had not appeared until the 1950s.It was not until the 1950s that rock-‘n’-roll appeared.. In Papa, the children came to actually understand their father’s lovefor their mother only after she had passed away.. Elvis Presley’s popularity did not really come to its height before hehad left the army. The electric guitar was developed for popular music in the 1930s.The Beatles started to be internationally known at their performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.. He had not had a chance to comeback to his beloved Phan Boi ChauHigh School until the homecoming last year.159

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